The deer god, in the forest of the church Saint-Eustache

The church of Saint-Eustache, on the hill of the district of Halles, is known for its bodies, its design combines Renaissance and Gothic, and for its many events where it is proud the pictures of the present and the present. To give him a perfume, Louis Robiche, the director of the church, and Yves Tcheris, his priest, called the ministry. “The Case of the Second Apple Tree” Etienne de Swardt – co-owner and director of the Free State of Orange.

The creation is inspired by the story of Placide, the Roman general under Trajan, who encountered a deer carrying a cross in the middle of the forest while hunting. Seeing this holiness, he converted to Christianity, and received the name Saint-Eustache at his baptism. The story, born in the 12th century, has passed through the ages and cultures. It inspired the writer and journalist Philippe Le Guillou who published in 2019 The God of Godand who is called for this program at “Building the universe of the perfumer in his writings”.

The composition is by Ralf Schwieger de Mane, a German perfumer based in New York. Conceived like a modern cologne, it opens with a citrusy note that combines bergamot, neroli and galbanum, in a classicWater of Hadrian, an old legend. Lavandin and rosemary bring their aromatic and floral qualities, before giving way to the base, where sandalwood and patchouli are combined with notes of oak moss that smell. “remember the skin, the animal, ​​​​​​​the man”with a “point of rose” added to the fragrance of holiness.

Half of the sales will be given to the Saint-Eustache church, in order to help finance the renovation work and its solidarity work for the poor.

The Deer God, perfume 69 euros / 50 ml

Available, on sale at the church and online

First impressions

An off-brand release, out of circuit, out of style, but not out of control! We see the citrus-chypre weave in all the legacy of the 1960s waters, Wild water on the top, with a good aromatic and citrus start, very bergamot, then a woody, mossy evolution, usually very short, but with some new contemporary structural elements that twist the profile a little, with it makes it grim. Grace, simplicity, beauty, classicism, this deer god it’s not a wave, it’s not crazy, but it’s not delicious. And its reasonable price can encourage you to allow yourself an impulse purchase, combined with a good job! JD said

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