The benefits of caraway essential oil

A wild aromatic plant from the Apiaceae family found in North Africa, Iraq, China and in Europe, caraway is widely used in cooking as a spice.

Also called anise des Vosges, this plant has its origins in Arabic karawiya it means “sugar source”.

Widely used for its flavoring properties for thousands of years, caraway also has health benefits. It is also said that in the Middle Ages, caraway was used in the composition of many trees love.

Antispasmodic, antiviral, soothing… the benefit of this plant is in its great oil.

Caraway essential oil, for healthy eating

According to Océane Garcia, the aromatologist in Paris, the first of Caraway essential oil is related to its action against digestive problems. “Because of the limonene in it, it is very useful unbalanced digestive system, he explains. And add: “It stimulates the production of bile but its excretion also promotes the digestion of fats”.

To benefit from his work, that is to prevent, theExperts recommend adding a drop or two of caraway essential oil to your bottle of olive oil.

Thanks to the presence of limonene, this essential oil also helps to facilitate “intestinal peristalsis” (muscle contractions, according to the editor) and thus fight bloating, aerophagia and constipation. .

The expert adds that the essential oil of caraway is dangerous in case of nausea or vomiting.

But be careful, because:It should be avoided in pregnant women”, advises Océane Garcia.

Note that this plant is galactogenic, which stimulates the production of milk for the nursing mother. “The infusion of caraway and fennel can stimulate lactation”, concluded the aromatologist who pointed out that in the essential oil, it is not recommended for women who are breastfeeding.

Note that the use of essential oils is not trivial and can be contraindicated in some cases or interfere with some treatments. It is best to seek the advice of a health practitioner before using aromatherapy..

The antiviral effect of caraway essential oil

Caraway EO does not only affect the digestive cycle. Its expectorant effect makes it an excellent antiviral and antibacterial agent. Its cleaning properties allow it to relieve congestion in the respiratory tract and therefore to clean the bronchi”, continues the expert.

For wet inhalation, dissolve a drop of caraway essential oil in hot water and inhale the vapors. The effect of water vapor in contact with caraway completes the ENT cycle.

Additionally, essential oils do not replace medical advice and can relieve symptoms and delay illness. It is best to seek advice beforehand.

The relaxing properties of caraway

Relaxing and sedative, caraway essential oil helps fight the effects of stress. “The monoterpenes in it stimulate the adrenal glands and therefore help fight depression and anxiety,” explains the aromatherapy expert.

In dry inhalation, collapseHERE in your hand and breathe in the scent for a good rest. Note that for skin use, it is better to carry out a test at the level of the inner part of the elbow, 24 hours before the application.

As a reminder, this essential oil should not be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding and children under 6 years of age. Likewise, Océane Garcia learns against her liver problem or cancer. Before taking, seek the advice of a health practitioner.

The information provided in this article does not act as a guide, the data is kept for informational purposes, and does not involve our responsibility.

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