Swimming pool or swimming pool: the main beauty trends for 2022

In 2022, beauty products will focus on usability and sustainability. ” The key beauty trends for 2022 reflect a changing demographic, with consumers increasingly looking for sustainable practices and products, including waterproof products with long shelf lives. “, explains Clare Varga, WGSN’s beauty director.

According to the group of international experts of WGSN, 2022 beauty trends will include water conservation and fermented products, show makeup and beauty products.

Wash without water (water-free): Water-free washing products conserve water, knowing that one in 10 people in the world do not have access to drinking water. This method is a variation of anhydrous beauty and BYOW (bring your own water) products. The first innovators are offering waterless shampoo and waterless shaving products.

- Beautifully fermented (fermented beauty): The desire for strong foods has long been the desire for “skin kombucha” type products. Inspired by K- and J-Beauty, fermentation releases enzymes to break down molecules so they can better penetrate the skin, providing active ingredients in the skin’s texture or the hair. The fermentation process is based on cultures of good bacteria such as lactic and acetic acids, which produce natural preservatives. These bacteria increase the life of the formulas, please customers with sustainability and value.

- The two-minute makeup bag (the make-up express box): It is aimed at customers who want a quick no-make-up look. It continues the fast, low-maintenance models and technologies adopted during the pandemic. The make-up express bag is replacing low-cost beauty treatments as consumers adapt to a post-pandemic hybrid lifestyle. Products are looking for more beauty tricks to give better results with less effort, money and commitment.

- food-beauty : To be useful in 2022, micro moments of beauty are integrated into the lives of consumers during the pandemic, to break the routine from home or to create fun moments. The beauty diet includes electronic exercises and simple, no-hassle methods. It will also take a real definition with edible skin care in the form of healthy candles and bars that are set to expand in 2022.

- wild swimming (Wild Bathing): The idea to reconnect with nature leads consumers to explore the natural benefits of open water and outdoor spas. With roots in various cultures, indigenous and traditional medicine around the world, such as the Japanese onsen and Victorian bathing machines, this practice is steeped in history. Bath and body products that complement the outdoor shower bring style indoors. Soaps, materials and products derived from nature are gaining popularity, such as products made from seaweed or sea water.

- Seafood : Skincare and personal care products will include seaweed, sea kelp, sea fennel and seaweed. Beach foods are valued for their comfort, hydrating, detoxifying, therapeutic and portability. Consumers will look for local, seasonal and harvested ingredients that benefit their skin and the environment.

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