Ecology: Ornaments go to replenish

The refill is not reserved for America, the champions of the trend with their idea of ​​refilling the drinks in favor of fast food restaurants. In the supermarket, for example, bulk foods have their place, but there is a long way to go to change the way we shop. The movement began, and so far in the luxury products. Thierry Mugler was the first to wear a refillable bottle with his star angel, in 1992.

Its perfume fountains, which dispense its main fragrances (Angel, Alien and Aura) by pressing, now fill a bottle every 25 seconds worldwide, changing to an idea born in the… 18th century! Well, before the creation of supermarkets, we can say that all food was bought in bulk and refilled. Therefore, Mugler announces the saving of 383 tons of waste every year, and 2.3 million small bottles.

Like during the war

Today, for better performance, you can buy refills for detergents or cleaning products such as shampoo in stores. For its part, L’Occitane offers its water baths, liquid soaps, cleansing foams and make-up removers in eco-packs, to reuse the bottles and reduce the amount of waste (97% less weight). The physical store is on its way. After the trial period, the chain is putting a full complement in 400 of its stores this year and another 400 next year (only one in Switzerland for the time being, in Bern) . People come there to fill a reusable aluminum bottle with their favorite product, “just like my mother did during the Second World War”, says Anita Roddick, the founder of chain and tool for animal and environmental reasons ahead of their time. Also very committed to the fight against plastic pollution, Garnier has also launched its 300 ml aluminum bottle to be filled with the ecological bag of your choice (in France, soon in Switzerland).

The small company Nuniq, in the region of Lake Geneva, is selling its own concept of the bottle to buy once and refill forever with the shampoo or conditioner of the brand, in an eco- pack there. table.

great effort

In make-up, organic products offer facial fillers, which are placed in a reusable box, or lipstick tubes, such as Zao, Couleur Caramel or in Lush, where which is much more than the unfounded reason. The Mythical Rouge Dior has been redesigned in 2021, with a new plant type and a case where the grapes can be replaced at the end. At Guerlain, the Rouge G is sold separately from its beautiful box in velvet or rhinestones and added glass, competing for chic with the beautiful Hermès cases, which can be restored. In the new lipstick, we can mention brands in Sephora such as Hourglass, Charlotte Tilbury (at, Kure Bazaar.

In the higher grades, the works are appreciated. At Shiseido, the latest version of the best-selling Ultimune is presented as a rechargeable. Of course, we keep the pump, we only buy the glass bottle after leaving the vacuum in the new process. In perfumery, the bottles for the release of this fall, from Paco Rabanne to Jean Paul Gaultier, can be refilled with a refill of 200 ml to fill its bottle 50 or 100 ml. smart

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My way, the perfume, the refill bottle, Giorgio Armani, almost. 140 fr. 150 ml

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2 / 8

Jour d’Hermès, eau de parfum, refill bottle, Hermès, approx. 195 fr. the 125 ml.

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3 / 8

Sauvage, eau de toilette, refill bottle, Dior, approx. 260 fr. 300 ml

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4 / 8

Rouge Dior, refill, Dior, approx. 39 fr.

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Hot lips 2.0, lipstick refill, Charlotte Tilbury, 25 fr. (

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Regular lipstick refill, Zao, 18 fr. (in organic stores)

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Nuniq shampoo or refill box, 32 fr. (with 250 ml refill)

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Ultimune, Power Infusing Concentrate 3.0, Shiseido, ca. 152 fr. 75 ml (refillable, without pump)

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