The front page of “Paris Match” with Mbappé hides a good message

FASHION – A turtleneck that speaks volumes. This Friday, December 17, Kylian Mbappé revealed, on his Instagram account, that he is starting a new collaboration with Dior, a luxury brand in which he will be the face of Sauvage perfume, replacing Johnny Depp in this role in France. .

The news included some photos of the PSG striker, bathed in blue light. We see her squeeze the cap of the bottle of that perfume to wet her neck, then her shirt.

“The house of Dior is very happy today to welcome Kylian Mbappé with him who shares the same values ​​of high standards and kindness”, we can read a press release.

This combination is not really surprising. The famous French outfit has been the official trainer of PSG since September. And this is for two years.

What’s more, another sight that put us on alert: a photo of the young world champion on the cover of the latest issue of Paris game. The picture in question, which raised homophobic sentiments, showed the young man smiling in front of the camera, part of his face hidden by a very thick white cloth. This was chosen by the artistic director of Dior’s men’s collections, Kim Jones.

This image did not appear. There is no doubt about the first place. And it’s not small. We are in the year 1999 and Zinédine Zidane, then 27 years old, has done the same in the posts of advertising for a product of the label, its eau de toilette Eau Sauvage. The difference? The Blues’ number 10 is a black turtleneck.



Eau Sauvage, an eau de toilette created by the nose Edmond Reoudnitska in 1966, has seen many famous men appearing in its advertisements, such as Alain Delon and Johnny Hallyday. Not to be confused with Sauvage, one of the newest perfumes discovered in 2015, Kylian Mbappé is the new muse.

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