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Therefore, the house of Dior decided to change its contract with Johnny Depp in order to ensure the promotion of its perfume. Bad people. The contract will involve a “seven-figure” amount over several years (the previous one was US$ 5 million).

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Remember, the manufacturer is the face of this perfume (not to be confused with Wild watercreated a few years ago) from 2015. Before finding another brand that could mark the best perfume in the world right now, the boutique is choosing Johnny Depp is the best choice.

Before the trial that pitted him against his first wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp projected the image of an adventurer, a free man. The one who spent a lot of time on the ropes of pirate ships is the perfect image to show this product.

But at the end of this highly publicized trial that ended in victory for Johnny Depp (even if the jury decided on the abuse of two spouses), the actor’s image was damaged.

We know a narcissistic can be verbally and physically abusive. Amber Heard has publicly claimed that Johnny Depp became a “monster” under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He held her with a bottle of alcohol a month after they got married in March 2015, she said.

In May 2016, during an argument, Johnny Depp threw a phone in his face. That’s when she decided to file for divorce.

This is the picture of this Johnny Depp that we have been given now. He is the one who tries to make men dream and seduce women by turning the sulphurous image he dragged during the six weeks of trial into a scent of vetiver, geranium and cedar .

I, who worked in the world of sales at the beginning of my career, I am interested in the decision of Dior, its audacity and its guidounerie. My first reaction was to tell myself that this character and beauty queen have a big problem in keeping Johnny Depp’s face.

I thought of young men who find themselves in the perfume industry in front of ads for the actor and the bottle. Do they want to dress themselves up with a little Johnny? Because that’s in the way of mixing a star with a perfume. We are like Céline Dion, Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts when we wear the water they represent.

And their loved ones? Will they want to stick their neck out without pain?

Yes, I thought about that. But God I can be so stupid sometimes!

According to some sources, sales of Bad people increased by 50% during the trial. Yes, you read that right. Although the jury is still out and we see the dark side of this man who has more curses than love, we are quick to this scent.

The magazine The manager It was reported that in June, days after the decision, there was a significant increase in Internet searches related to the smell. Many women posted comments saying that they wanted to buy this perfume for their husbands in order to support Johnny Depp.

This convinced the sales team of the house of Dior to seal a very special contract with the manufacturer. In the middle of shooting a movie (he joined the filming of The favorite where he played Louis XV) and concerts with Jeff Beck, Johnny went to the studio for a photo shoot.

The designers have in their hands the virile and wild man they wanted for their fragrance. The trial he came out of was more intense and wild. the jackpot !

The strange thing about this story is that, despite the chaos, the house of Dior did not release Johnny Depp. In 2017, problems with his first wife were revealed, the house was able to throw him as the big brands did with their spokesperson when the latter found out himself at the heart of a scandal. He didn’t do it.

The Dior-Depp marriage is one of the few cases of unwavering loyalty between a luxury brand and its face. The reason is simple: money. Bad people a real cash cow for Parfums Christian Dior and the LVMH group. A bottle is sold every three seconds in the world.

Perfume is a major contributor to the 4.66 billion euros in sales made by perfume and cosmetics companies in 2021. Bad people brings in $4.5 million a day (a 100ml bottle of eau de toilette costs $140).

I take from this case that the trials, true or famous, whether they lead to a wrong decision or not, today are accompanied by a set of subtleties. Among these things, the conflict between the supporters of what is at the heart of the trial and its detractors.

The trial of the trial is the most important thing today. And going on a war between these two groups.

In the poetic-gnannnan important description about the scent Bad peoplethis water is said to be “a direct and clear male form, like the image of a man out of nature, out of time”.

In the text accompanying the poster, it is a question of “a father who lived, traveled by ancient stories where dogs are gods and men let their animals speak… “.

You can’t do that!

You want to go back to the old Aqua Velva!

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