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YouGov presents its new ranking of the most important brands in clothing, sportswear and fragrances in 2021. A study was carried out with its BrandIndex tool, over the past 12 months.

According to this new research, Petit Bateau is at the top of the ranking in the apparel industry with a score of 24.1, while on the Sportswear ranking podium are Decathlon (43.0), Adidas (34.0) and Nike. (29.5). Likewise, in terms of perfumes, Chanel n ° 5 is the perfume with the best image, having a score of 28.3. It should be noted that these levels are based on the Index score, which is made of the average of six photographic indicators: concept, quality, value for money, but also quality, functionality and comfort and the language. And this, at a time when the marketing industry is experiencing some upheavals (boom in online shopping, environmental concerns, artificial intelligence, pandemic, etc.).

The position of the most important brands in the clothing industry

There are brands such as Celio, Etam and H&M, which are always popular with customers. And Zara, included in this top 10 but in the last place (number of 13.9).

The status of key brands in the sportswear sector


If Decathlon plays the affordability card, the brand is quickly overtaken by competition in terms of clothing and sports equipment. So we see in this second position, Nike, Levi and Lacoste, and Intersport, or Timberland, tied with Converse (17.3).

The position of the vital signs in the smelly area


For the arrangement of the most famous perfumes, we find with surprise Chanel (N ° 5) and Guerlain (La Petite Robe Noire), but also Dior and Lancôme. And in the last two places of the top 10, Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent and Terre d’Hermès (15.9 and 15.6).

Procedure: The Index compares general feel, quality, value for money, brand name/manufacturer, convenience and recommendation. The Index is a number that can change from -100 to +100. The index shows brands with the highest average Index score between September 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021. The numbers are indicative of the average adult population 18+. Each symptom shown in the thread was monitored for a minimum of 6 months on the device.

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