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Honey, I’m out of perfume, can you lend me yours? Perfumery didn’t wait to focus on inclusivity to support diversity. In 1994, Calvin Klein ignited a revolution with his CK One fragrance. And since then, unisex or unisex perfumes have always appealed to men and women around the world!

CK One by Calvin Klein

Give honor where honor is due: CK One is still touted today as the first unisex perfume on the market.

Looking for opportunities ahead of all his colleagues, focusing on his daughter and his “family” Calvin Klein launched this first unisex fragrance in the mid-90s (in 1994 , correct). At the time, CK One was a rock thrown into the men’s perfume pool. It was a natural idea that the perfume would start with a lot of sales… and it did!

The clean bottle combines elongated and round shapes, a unique style until then since the square was reserved for men’s notes and round bottles for women’s notes.

On the aromatic side, pineapple, bergamot, cardamom and papaya dominate, giving way to jasmine, rose, violet and nutmeg in the heart notes that settle on musk and with the original l.

The success of CK One gave birth to brothers and sisters in the Calvin Klein brand.with CK Be in its black velvety coat and, most recently, CK Everybody, a unisex and eco-responsible fragrance that is as surprising as it is seductive.

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Gaultier² by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Gaultier 2 unisex perfumes

Created in 2005, Gaultier² was a unisex fragrance that was a real success… before it faded away. In the shadow of Male and Scandal, this perfume still has its preferences. The proof: after starting an online search to “bring back a perfume you thought you had forgotten”, The Gaultier brand has officially announced the return of Gaultier² (or Gaultier 2) for the month of September 2022.

Beautiful and almost erotic (don’t be afraid of the words!), Gaultier POWER 2 was originally thought to be “the fusion of the two, evoking the fusion of the waters behind love”. Amber, musk and vanilla (created in the infusion) create 3 main notes, which bring light, mystery, sensuality and luxury to the perfume.

On the bottle side too, the marriage was successful; it combines the virility of shapes (rectangular) and the femininity of color (amber pink). Without engaging in androgyny, Gaultier² enjoys a very strong olfactory style, both on the girl side and on the boy side, and adapts to all skin types. That was true in 2005, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be the case today!

Villa Neroli BDK Parfums

Villa Neroli is unisex BDK Paris fragrances

While eau de toilette for the general public is often associated with women, this is less so when it comes to niche perfumes. Here, boundaries are broken as a perfume favored by men in one country is adored by women on the other side of the world. This is the case for Dior’s bewitching Rouge Trafalgar, much appreciated by the beautiful woman in France…

Some perfumes from the BDK Parfums collection follow this same rule, such as Villa Neroli in summer. This third creation of the Azur collection (after Citrus Riviera and Sel d’Argent) is a beautiful celebration of the Italian Dolce Vita.evoking “the light of sunset on the island of Capri” in the words of David Benedict.

Neroli, lemon, orange blossom and patchouli bring to life this watery and aromatic eau de parfum, which confirms all the good things we have come to expect from the BDK brand so far!

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Eau de soleil blanc by Tom Ford

Unisex Perfume Eau de soleil blanc Tom Ford

Tom Ford perfumes do not live up to the name they deserve. There, it is said. As with other symptoms, Opulence is often de rigueur at these events, but there’s always that “little something” that ends up distracting us.. This is the case with Tuscan Leather, the bad perfume, but the best Noir, Black Orchid and Oud Wood, for example.

L’Eau de Soleil Blanc is no different, as it is very fresh, bright… and addictive. To achieve that effect, Tom Ford relies on citrus fruits, bergamot, pistachio, and more exotic notes (Ylang Ylang from Comoros, Coco de Mer from Seychelles).

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Hermione runs

Voyage Hermes is a unisex fragrance

Although Terre d’Hermès is the brand’s most famous fragrance, it’s definitely not the only one that deserves your attention.

This new fragrance combines juniper berries with warm notes of sandalwood and amber. Between the two, there are cardamom, tea and some flowers to decorate this Voyage.

In addition to the perfume, Hermès has carefully packaged its perfume, with a “nomadic perfume”, which can be refilled and designed for travel.

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This is us by Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire We are unisex perfumers

The name of Zadig & Voltaire is not known for the ease with which it wants to convey its message to its “family”. A good sense of non-functionality combined with beautiful rock art: the food used in Z&V clothes seems to be suitable for the perfume industry as well.

But it works! This Us eau de toilette “for him and her” beguiles with its top vanilla and its base of sandalwood and cashmeran. Designed as an anthem for love, friendship and freedom (main program), this eau de toilette is very popular with the youngest.

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The Vintage Edition by Kenzo

Kenzo Vintage Edition is the 2008 unisex fragrance

We finish this selection of the best unisex perfumes with a small perfume, made for a special occasion: to celebrate 20 years of production, in 2008, the Kenzo brand came up with Vintage Edition..

As its name suggests, this unisex eau de toilette takes us on a real journey through time. Referring to the seventies, when the designer Kenzo Takada moved to Paris. Vintage Edition recreates the scent of the hippie years, a unisex creation that invites you to allow yourself to be carried away and immersed in a mysterious alchemy.

Very musky, the scent combines tonka bean and heliotrope flower to enter a hippie atmosphere. The potion bottle appeals with its purple color and refreshes with the Peace and Love symbol engraved in relief. The bag is also packed beautifully seventy, dressed in psychedelic looks and available in four different boxes. In short, all the Kenzo spirit, in a small print. If it is not sold today, this work is very popular among collectors.

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