Faced with a lack of work, beautiful houses create their “schools”

“What is this group here?” », asked the driver after driving through the roads of the Isère region. His journey stops at the foot of an automatic door and his question goes unanswered. Hermès isn’t too keen on shouting it from the green roof Just outside the village of Fitilieu are his nineteen tanneries and his first workshop. From September 2021, the site welcomed the announcement of 35 students selected to practice the trade of saddler-leatherworker and obtain a CAP. Last February, 35 new students began their eighteen-month apprenticeship at this old textile factory.

Inside, Lana Coomans, 21, is busy at her desk. Between his fingers, pieces of leather to make a Kelly bag, one of the features house lights, cannot be bought for less than 7,000 euros – can be bought two or three times. Holding a CAP in leather goods and a BTS in fashion and shoes, he knocked on the door of Hermès. I am interested in the quality and history of this company, he said. I wanted to do it by hand, without using machines. » He chose well: here, most of the work is done by hand, starting with the saddle stitch, which shows all the bags of the brand.

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The “future business” law of September 2018 allowed private companies to open their own student advisory center (CFA). So Hermès jumped at the chance and launched the Hermès Experience School last September. “For us, it is clear, explains Vincent Vaillant, Hermès leather goods and human resource management. This tool allows us to publicize our home training, send our information and issue a diploma recognized by the National Education. »

Ensuring that the car brand follows suit is beyond practical. The range of package orders is the same as the number of production equipment, which must be responded to in order to keep production lines running. “We learn to meet the growing needs of our classes”, agrees Vincent Vaillant.

Students learn the specifics needed to ensure brand performance.  Les Abrets-en-Dauphiné, May 24, 2022.

Hermès is not an isolated case. All economies face unemployment. Leather goods, designer goods, fine jewelry: to continue to meet customer demand, the sector needs expert hands. In his office on the 8thwould be district of Paris, Bénédicte Epinay, the general representative of the Colbert Committee, is a kind of good hotel that brings together 90 French companies, a quick calculation: 20,000 handicraft positions to be vacant. “The event is old but has been shining for a year and a half, with a very strong recovery in the epidemic and an increase in sales in China and the United States”, he explained.

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