Discover different fragrances that define you!

Whether it’s a floral scent or a fruity one, spices come in a variety of combinations. What perfume expresses your personality?

Taking on the role of a woman’s perfume is not a question of beauty. Who wouldn’t say that her scent reflects her personality?

Of course, this small print of the fragrance can surprise more than one. With spring approaching, it’s natural to think about the perfume that suits you. Here are the women’s perfumes we recommend

Women’s perfume: perfume!

The first of the selection is Dior women’s eau de parfum. Released under the name J’adore, this eau de parfum will give you a fruity scent all spring. Housed in a 100ml bottle decorated with the legendary Maasai necklace, its appearance alone promises to give it to you. independent woman. If you like to keep something mysterious about you, this eau de parfum is perfect for you.

The famous Nina Ricci gives you a different style. Directly inspired by the famous animated Snow White, brings you the Nina eau de toilette. It is made from lemon pulp and caipirinha to give a lustful scorn. If you like sweet things, this perfume by Nina Ricci, without a doubt, will express your personality.

Guerlain deserves it with its new La Petite Robe Noire range. With its legendary floral scent, this women’s perfume Guerlain adds dark spice notes. Passing between black cherry, black rose, patchouli and black tea, it gives a sweet, sensual and irresistible scent. Use this product at a price of 49.69 euros.

A permanent reference, Yves Saint Laurent! With its Free eau de parfum, use your freedom. If you think you are human independent, brave and strong, this Yves Saint Laurent women’s perfume is perfect for you. Marked by a touch of lavender flowers, this water will accompany you all spring for only 45.43 euros.

Another option to use

It’s a number one that’s supposed to be number 5, what’s so low about our favorite perfume maker. Chanel suggests a floral bouquet to lift a minimalist style. Chanel N°5 does not show its beauty. It only indicates the number of products of the brand to show its theme.

If J’adore de chez Dior didn’t convince you, Miss Dior will. A floral fragrance, this fragrance is perfect for women who want to change of life. For those who are looking for her feminine style, Miss Dior promises you an amazing result, with the decoration of many flowers. Available in 30, 50, 100 and 150 ml, Miss Dior changes your budget.

Similarly to Yves Saint Laurent, you can choose Black Opium. This women’s fragrance was developed with coffee flowers and gives a lot of adrenaline for everyday life. Wake up the sleeping heroine inside you and live like a modern rock star. The 90ml bottle can be bought for 81.90 euros instead of 117 euros. So don’t wait any longer, choose a perfume for lasting style all spring long.

A woman, free and confident? Express your style with Chloé Eau de Parfum from Chloé. A fragrance with a composition of rose extract, guarantees a style unique and original. With a hint of peony, lychee and freesia, Chloé offers a unique and sophisticated fragrance. Priced at a price of 98 euros, this perfume can be a combination for spring and summer.

Our favorite women’s perfume

Use the same feminine perfume as Julia Roberts. Lancôme La Vie est Belle With a top note of ripe pear, heart notes of iris pallida, orange blossom and jasmine, this perfume offers a variety of scents for escape the monotony. Its base notes are composed with the heart of Patchouli. Priced at only 63.45 euros.

Zadig et Voltaire with the brand’s eponymous fragrance offers a floral and gourmand scent. If it is pure and wild at heart, who appreciates nature and nature, chooses Zadig and Voltaire. For 40.59 euros, you will be ready to welcome spring in style.

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