Avoid being bitten by mosquitoes: what color is safe?

Avoid mosquito bites: what color clothes do you wear? What colors to avoid and who to choose? Therefore, depending on the color, some clothes are easier to attack and bite. Similarly, what attracts mosquitoes is skin! If there is a color that attracts them, it is what the skin gives off as a wave. So it’s not the pigmentation of the skin that attracts them but the color – the wavelength that comes from all skin types. The scientists did the research, the results were published in the scientific journal Nature. The researchers represented the University of Washington, the University of California, Santa Barbara and the University of Freiburg in Germany.

If you want to avoid mosquito bites, the key may be in the clothes you wear. Because recent research has shown that insects are more attracted to certain colors than others. The results show that wearing mosquito-repellent colors can help people avoid being bitten.

Mosquitoes are not attracted to blue, green, purple and white Education reporter Jeff Riffell told McClatchy News on Feb. 7, 2022. Research results show that colors like black and red are very attractive, and if you include these colors in your clothes, you will increase your attraction to mosquitoes. However, if you wear white, or blue and green, you will not be comfortable looking at mosquitoes. “.

Can be seen by wearing purple, blue, green and white but nothing annoying

To reach the results, a group of researchers studied the behavior of 50 mosquitoes of the Aedes aegypti species. Using a controlled environment, the scientists released the insects and observed their reactions to different sights and smells.

However, more research needs to be done by scientists who say that questions remain to fully understand how insects perceive their hosts. This may be important because apart from the problem, mosquitoes can carry serious diseases.

More research is needed to understand what irritates mosquitoes and what doesn’t.

We use a real-time 3D recording system and a wind tunnel that allows accurate olfactory and visual analysis to calculate the behavior of 1.3 million mosquito trajectories. “wrote the researchers. In the study, the researchers showed mosquitoes different colors when carbon dioxide was emitted. When the insects smelled the gas, they were attracted to certain wavelengths, such as orange and red. But they were not when those colors were filtered out or mutations in the mosquitoes affected their ability to see. The findings build on previous studies, which showed that carbon dioxide increased mosquito activity.

Our results show that odor is important for the mosquito’s long-wave preferences and that the mosquito’s sensory system is a promising target for preventing their attraction to human hosts. said the researchers. ” When they smell specific compounds, such as the CO2 in our breath, this scent triggers the eyes to look for specific colors and other visual features, depending on a suitable receptor, and drive them. said Riffell, a biology professor, in a University of Washington press release.

Avoid being bitten by mosquitoes: what color to think about?

blue mosquito visible but not beautiful

Skin attracts mosquitoes regardless of its color, only the colors of clothing affect the wavelengths

Also in the study, the scientists showed that the skin attracts mosquitoes, not the skin pigmentation. Of course, volunteers participated in this study and these people were introduced to mosquitoes in nature. In addition, the cards with the color of the bit are shown in the matches. Skin discoloration is noted, not pigmentation in general. ” Hearts are attracted to oranges and reds and mosquitoes are strongly attracted to the color scheme. human skinwhich is controlled by these waves “the researchers wrote.

What if you want to avoid mosquito bites?

Avoid mosquito bites by wearing a certain color

Although human breath, sweat and heat are believed to be a mosquito, Riffell has another idea.

In this study, we will see the fourth knowledge: the color red, which is not only found in your clothes, but also in the skin of each person. said Riffell. ” No matter your skin tone, we offer a powerful signature blush. Filtering those beautiful colors on our skin, or wearing clothing that protects against those colors, is another way to avoid mosquito bites. “.

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