13 powerful perfumes and original perfumes to try immediately

• A beautiful fragrance… smell like Riri!
Everyone who has met Rihanna is unanimous: the singer and businesswoman are divine kisses! And it can smell as good as a Bardabian bombshell even though it just released its sultry and spicy scent. In contrast, Fenty Eau de Parfum is sweet and delicious and designed to be worn by everyone, for all occasions. Inspired by different memories and places she loved in her life, Rihanna created Fenty Eau de Parfum as a personal fragrance for herself and others. It evokes unique individual memories, relationships and experiences through the power of scent.
The true incarnation of Rihanna, it was designed to fit her hand and show a perfect balance between femininity and masculinity, vintage and modern, with its curved body and beautiful amber brown shade (Rihanna’s favorite color!). A unique fragrance that combines magnolia and musk with tangerine, blueberry and notes of Bulgarian rose absolute, geranium and patchouli.
Fenty Eau de Parfum – 150 €

• A unique style that appeals to fans of musk
The house of Nicolaï is back with a new fragrance called “Poudre de Musc Intense”. A pile of musks in the heart of flowers and petals of rose, carnation and hawthorn, illuminated by orange blossom, whose beauty is warmed by the depth of sandalwood. The sweetness of the musks is mixed with a cocktail of aldehydes that are refreshing and pleasant. Soft as love, enveloping like silk, with a cottony texture, refreshing and concentrated, Poudre de Musc Intense takes us and sways us into a flying dream, a true invitation to a heavenly journey: a journey through the Milky Way!
Intense Musk Powder – NICOLAÏ PARIS – 61 € for 30ml

• A beautiful floral water signed by Bvlgari
Discover the new water from Bulgari! Bvlgari’s Fiori D’Amore fragrance is meant to be romantic and uplifting, with floral notes of red roses from Turkey and Bulgaria, in the heart notes. A unique fragrance with a fruity tone, a new expression, the Raspberry Prelude. A must try if you like essences that easily remind you of summer.
Fiori Di Amore Eau de parfum – BVLGARI – 200€

• A soft fragrance that plays the modern Snow White
Mona Kattan is back! The sister of Huda Kattan, the founder of the Huda Beauty brand, brings back her olfactory with “Eden Juicy Apple”, an irresistible combination of red and juicy apples, juicy fruits and fresh floral notes. The ninth fragrance in the KAYALI collection, this delicious fragrance will seduce you with its bold combination. Fragrance free and the founder of KAYALI, Mona Kattan was inspired by the raw texture of the iconic apple to create a soft, refreshing and sensual fragrance, like a delicious bite of an apple. red. Together with Gabriela Chelariu and Clément Gavarry, the world-renowned nose from the famous perfume house Firmenich, Mona has created a combination that is sweet, bold, playful and delicious from the first sip.
Eden Juicy Apple – KAYALI – €76 for 50ml

• The latest from Juliette He Pu
We’ve been waiting for it… the new Juliette Gets the beautiful gun is here!
For this new opus, the creator thought of a Juliette as light as a champagne bottle. On the menu: an interesting white flower, woody notes and gourmet tones where Absolute Jasmine and Amber Accord meet.
Lili Fantasy – JULIETTE HE PU – 85 € for 50ml

• Airy and musky water
The artistic director of the Courrèges house since September 2020, Nicolas Di Felice, pays tribute to the tradition of the couturier perfumer. At the time of the 60th anniversary of the brand and 50 years after the launch of the first perfumer, he therefore wanted to give movement to the fragrance world of the House by carving out a unique olfactory style and signature. At the heart of this new project is an eau de parfum with an evocative name: Slogan. Woody-musky, created by perfumer Annick Menardo, the perfume surprises with its uniqueness: an airy and bright opening brought by a lively and fresh juniper fruit, sublimated by a veiled background infused with musky ambrox.

Slogan Eau de parfum – COURREGES – €64.50 for 30ml

• First bottles from Jennyfer
The leader in preparation for the ages 10-19 opens a new chapter in its history and launches its first line of perfumes.
We love the fragrance “GRL Power – Act like a boss”, a base of musk and sandalwood with sweet vanilla notes of apple and spice.
GRL Power – Same as above – JENNYFER – €9.99 for 50ml.

• A strong and nostalgic drink
If you are looking for a different and strong fragrance, stick to the waters of the house “Les Bains Guerbois”. He has signed a new producer to bring back to life the public and the fun that tried to enter one of the world’s worst buildings of the 80s and 90s: Les Bains Douches. This perfume is about mysteries, nocturnal forms, and warm and physical atmospheres, all that can breathe in the Bains. It is the same time, new, drunk but leaves a part in improving the wine to the most qualitative ones. On the menu: oriental and floral notes, Apple, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Honey, Amber and Musk.
1986 Eclectic – LES BAINS GUERBOIS – 190 €

• It smells like Morocco
In addition to being better than ever, Morocannoil products are even better! So it’s time for the brand to create an alluring mist inspired by the scents of its skincare products. An exotic combination of rich amber and sweet floral notes takes us on a journey to the heart of the Mediterranean. It is used on the hair but also on the body for a feeling of sweat that lasts all day.
Morocco mist – MOROCCANOIL – 35 €

• A strong, woody scent
On the menu: Amber and spices. A beautiful red, woody and sweet. A sweet note that melts with the power of amber. The cold tone of the perfume contrasts with the warmth of amber, for a paradoxical effect. A dry woody base evokes cedar and softens sandalwood, while a soft vanilla blend rounds out the composition.
302 Iris and Sandalwood – THE BEST PERFUME – €38 for 30 ml

• A duo of fragrances to discover as men
Moncler presents today the brand’s first fragrances, Moncler Pour Femme and Moncler Pour Homme – two fragrances that offer a true journey of the senses. Firmly connected to their history, both manufacturers present a bold synergy between style, exploration, innovation and knowledge. Differently, each fragrance evokes a lively and fresh ode to the outdoors wrapped in a beautiful and warm cocoon.
Moncler for women – 80 € for 60ml
Moncler for men – €80 for 60ml

• A delicious and unique fragrance
Are you looking for a unique and powerful fragrance? Meet Oriana, a perfect perfume between the traditional and the new. On the menu: Sunny Orange Blossom, Chantilly Cream accord, a string of citrus fruits, frosted Raspberry and warm Musk. A spice that combines fruit and warmth, perfect for the season.

Oriana – PERFUMES OF MARLY – 225€

• A feminine and woody fragrance
Light is built into the DNA of the couturier Elie Saab: woven with golden threads, all his creations are made in the constant search for brilliance. Light comes from his works. To practice this kind of charm, a perfume suitable for the work of the couturier is needed. For this new eau de parfum, Elie Saab called on the master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, who created 10 years ago the first opus of the brand, called “Le Parfum”. An ode to the beauty and beauty of women, Francis Kurkdjian created LE PARFUM LUMIÈRE on the sun and grace of white flowers complimented by a fresh woody amber. A source of mandarin from Italy and ylang-ylang from Madagascar first burst into a golden light. At the center of the bouquet, Indian sambac jasmine absolute, brightened by the freshness of the orange blossom side, is dressed in tuberose and gardenia. This floral decoration is wrapped around a new type of wood that has heart shapes to finish the message on fire.
Light fragrance – ELIE SAAB – €61.90 for 30ml.

• A flowery and tender stem
With this new water, the famous Brazilian perfumer has raised the beauty of the beautiful flower of the wild flower, which is the coast of Brazil. This fragrance combines floral and fruity notes as well as tonka bean and red pepper for a lasting and beautiful effect.
Flor de Maio perfume – PHEBO – €98 for 100ml.

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