What is the most sold perfume in the world?

A bottle is sold every 3 seconds. This is the new record broken by the winner of the others. Find out.

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Got a worldly scent?

His way is shown to be intoxicating and powerful, but if the Sauvage fragrance does not ring a bell, you may remember that Johnny Depp turned into the leader of a mysterious bag in the advertisement of the famous house. He puts on a free man and takes us to the desert with only his guitar and his wolves as his company. An advertisement that was distilled to perfection gave the success of this perfume, which in 2021 became the best seller in the whole world, all the universes combined. a record that is more respected in covering women’s and men’s perfumes, ending the eternal Chanel n°5, the owner of the name for years.

First created in 1966 by Edmond Roudnistka, it did not immediately attract the customer with its floral tones with notes of lemon, rosemary, petitgrain, basil and vetiver. At that time, we familiarized ourselves with the eau de Cologne, the Eau Sauvage that inspired this world-class water and came like a UFO in the category of men’s beauty. It wasn’t until 2015 that its new version saw the light of day. A work signed by the perfumer François Demachy on the basis of Dior Homme Cologne, Miss Dior, Dior Addict, Dior Homme, Cuir Cannage to name some of his works.

A scent built to please

For this perfume, Dior was inspired by the desert in the magic hour of the night, at the bridge between the night sweat and the hot air of the desert. He created a perfume that contains lively and sweet notes of bergamot, sensual vanilla and amber wood. A strong and virile scent, which has become a favorite perfume for men to this day, a bottle is sold every three seconds. If we know that today’s perfumes are built as a “product” that takes into account all aspects of the market in order to be able to sell in Tokyo and New York, it continues to becoming the first perfume in history to rise to the top. of market sales, all spices are mixed. In addition to the marketing machine, the campaigns promoted as short films and charismatic muses … A water that manages to become a symbol in the whole world we must go and try to do in our own opinion…

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