the personal and family diary of a pilgrim


“And my Bleu de Chanel, I take? » In Beirut, Jamil, a young Syrian, is hesitant to pack his bags for the mass exodus. You have to choose, take what you need, pack your things as much as possible to maximize your time and have nothing to throw away if the ship shakes. She left her perfume bottle, no time to smell good, to look good, to play the trick. The zipper pulls a little … but it’s enough to last a few days: two, three shorts, T-shirt, two trainers.

Within a few hours, Jamil flies to Turkey, where he secretly loads a container of water for Greece before flying to Stockholm. A hundred kilometers away, his younger brother Milad gave his last music lesson in Damascus. He also dreams of a better life in another city that is not abandoned than his. He thought of Berlin. This is where he wants to fill concert halls and create a rockstar effect for himself. Here we are in 2015, Syria is not out of the war.

The literature on migrants shows the political and social danger that people are fleeing, attaching themselves to their journey and accompanying them on the skein of previous protection measures. far from home add something special. A family film: Wissam Tanios follows his cousins ​​Jamil and Milad Khawam for five years as he keeps their diary. From wanting to find their way far from home to building their new lives, the journey is thick and lonely for those who start from scratch.

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When the distance was too far to film, Tanios put away his camera and asked the two brothers to bring their cell phones. It also records images of their conversations on the Internet. This new film is the immediate result of making us the break between the settlers and the leftists. Jamil and Milad become the first story of what Wissam is not – a prisoner. In this group with many voices, there is something of a kind of learning, of respect as well, which is to look at the kind of families we grew up in and take a break to be able to. At the end of their movement we did not dare. drop off.

To expand the stories of the two brothers, Wissam Tanios found childhood photos and VHS videos where they were seen.

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