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Tell me who you are! Luxe Magazine has created fragrances for you. From now on, they carry the colors of your life, of your desires…

Terre d’Hermès Eau Intense Vetiver: A new arrival

Country of hermes

Christine Nagel has focused on this perfume from the house of Hermès, to give us today a confirmation of an unknown strength. First tricked by medicinal plantsoriginal document of “world” with a pleasant aroma, your heart will be won by the motivational notes of the pepper. Sichuan and without fear of the bergamot. An enchanting forest world…

Recommended price: Eau de Parfum 50 ml: 75 euros

collect | 01 by Kayali: A Collection of Colors

Collection 01 – Kayali

Created by Huda and Mona Kattan, this collection of 4 fragrances traces its roots to middle eastern heritage cleaning and emotional activities. The character is Kayali “i mean” in Arabic. And in this unique concept, it is a question of thinking about your own perfume, by mixing the scents of the 4 bottles with rich and varied notes, from natural ingredients and dear The new wife in most of these contracts will have her own signature.

Estimated price: 95.90 euros

Carat de Cartier: A light bottle

Cartier carat

Mathilde Laurent presents us with this new fragrance the shape of a diamond, the mineral star that made Cartier shine. Inspired by the spectrum of light that characterizes this beauty, this unique fragrance was created in a “rainbow flower” o 7 new mirrors and light to enhance the brightness of your style.

Price: Eau de Parfum from 59 euros

Beautiful Day by Castelbajac – L’Eau de Parfum: A nugget with a floral heart

Beautiful day in Castelbajac

A new installment from the addictive trilogy Beautiful day in CastelbajacIntense Eau de Parfum evokes Fresh almonds The essence and richness of Eau Bonheur in a delightful way. The creations of Benoist Lapouza honor the beauty of nature, and he celebrates with this sparkling eau de parfum that plays with the blossoming of spring.

Suggested price: 60 ml: 73.99 euros
Estimated price: 90 ml: 94.99 euros

I’m Terry – floral skin with accents

The Rose is my Muse. In this composition, I like how it is tight, corseted with leather, cut with raspberry, spices and powder,” we said. Terry from Gunzburg

A true hymn to desire and passion, this perfume will awaken your powers of attraction.

Suggested price: 100 ml + 9 ml 185 euros

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