Sauvage Elixir: a wonderful perfume by Dior

This is the story of a bold perfume, because it is stronger, closer. A unique, rare and precious water to water the nose of the seeker. We show you some secrets of the Sauvage Elixir registered Dior.

Elixir: nm Drink with wonders (Les Dictionaries Le Robert). If the new job is expected to François Demachy, Dior perfumer, It cannot be drunk, but there are some powers, such as awakening our olfactory memory and taking us, from the first notes, to the height of the Luberon, our eyes are placed in the sky lavender fields as far as the eye can see. know. Lavender, star flower and the starting point of the new Sauvage Elixir, surprises us, disturbs us and seduces us because it reveals here a different, more beautiful, aspect than we are used to. think.

François Demachy, Dior perfumer. © Dior Press

Sauvage Elixir: A medicinal herb

This new breed is not alone in the Sauvage family. But that’s ita novelty, presented with an unprecedented feeling, not found in Dior Parfums. François Demachy uses the word “reduction” to describe it, as in cooking, when eating is allowed to reduce the amount of capacity to absorb flavors. To create Elixir, the key notes of Sauvage are revealed. A challenge taken by the maestro of fragrances. “Exercise is very different. When you make a variation of a scent such as eau de toilette or eau de parfum, you combine ingredients. For Elixir, it is not necessary to add, but remove the superfluous to keep only the essential. I had fun, little by little, explaining the formula and removing all the ingredients that I didn’t think were important and I have to admit that I was surprised, because I have to be careful with my and a priori. Sometimes the products became irrelevant to me, because it was the one that gave the twist to the back water. In every scent, there is an aesthetic side and more physical, more technical is the speed of evaporation of the product. You have to play both sides to create a successful fragrance. So when finished, the whole gives a constant evaporation. To achieve this, I added lavender essence, I softened the spicy notes, I concentrated on the herbal notes. At each level, efforts have been made to ensure continuity, Sauvage’s identity is always present. In total, it took almost a year of work to develop this recipe. The formula is really balanced, so if you change one thing, the whole thing needs to be adjusted. Finally, removing ingredients is more difficult than adding them, but I find the practice very interesting. And the result is important. This innovation is unlike anything else on the market and if a red string connects it to other Sauvage fragrances, it really does surprise.

Classicism revisited

The target audience is male and knows about the franchise, but that’s the selling point. “I don’t want to talk about the application rules”, announces François Demachy. “In perfume, it doesn’t matter, everyone can apply a perfume as they see fit, but of course the basic idea is to make a booster, in a small bottle and even more beautiful, can heal or strengthen the scent, eau de parfum or Sauvage eau de toilette used in the day. Elixir will come to shoot the reduction. It is really interesting, a different products. Now, in practice, it can only be used, and the female or male side of a perfume is a question of sales. »

That is true Lavender has become a common ingredient in men’s perfumes. “Fifty years ago, the only perfumes allowed for men were cologne and lavender water. This plant really defines the male domain, but it is often associated with the pure side, with the side of the hair and it was also used, because most of the lavender notes offered in the market are lavandin, it is not the same thing. So I know that it is something It is interesting to introduce real lavender and especially the one from here, which has an irresistible note. »

Sauvage Elixir Dior Parfums
© Dior Press

It’s a star thing

In sum, Elixir knows more than 25 ingredients. Among them lavender acts as a catalyst. To give you an idea, it takes about 100 kilos of lavender to produce 1 kilo of lavender essence and in a bottle of Sauvage Elixir, there is more than one kilo of lavender.

The lavender used is artificial lavender, good and strong, but also good by its nature. At the heart of the formula, we see what it means Lavender from Nyons PDO, something different, created for Dior Perfumesalthough it is the result of the combination of several collections chosen with precision by François Demachy himself.

Indeed, it is with Philippe Soguel, Drôme distiller loyal to the beautiful house for more than 15 years, the master perfumer has selected different collections at the height of Lavender Angustifolia (also known as true lavender) , all from the terroir of the Baronnies, much of the Provençal Prealps. “All these lavenders are lavender, but they are small, some are stronger, others are better, it is the combination that gives this style. Every year , they also created “the” Dior Lavender, which prefers to be harvested from organic plants. The new one, with a slight vanilla “hay” note, is richer, more floral and sharper. better than its cousins ​​from the plains. A good lavender is a scent of its own, leaving a character and fully penetrating the path.

Francois x Johnny: Midnight in Paris

For the first time, Francois Demachy and Johnny Depp face each other during a very secret meeting, somewhere in Paris and in the middle of the night… It seems that the two men have many things in common: their style of clothing First of all, one thing is common in clothes and more stones. all over the skin; Their behavior is one-minded, one is comfortable in front of the cameras; Their work as a craftsman some work in the shadows and others shine in front of the stage. However, based on the questions asked, commonalities emerge between the perfumer and the rock star and provide a video that touches and laughs.

“At first, the meeting was scheduled for the beginning of the evening, but Johnny Depp could not make himself available in time, he arrived at around 11 pm He immediately apologized, He’s almost embarrassed,” said the perfumer. “I found him to be a normal person in the end, friendly and easy to approach, we immediately started talking and we had to stop to start filming. He has a heart, he is an actor, so it was he is sensitive to all motivations. We talked about perfume and true music, while he plays in a rock band (the Hollywood Vampires). There is a real creative landscape that is similar between these two worlds. we talk about notes, songs and so we understand each other easily. The smell may be surprising to some people, but it is a difficult and difficult task, like the song at the beginning. You need the basics and once you master them, enjoy. This meeting was strange, because he was almost afraid of my work, but for me, it was strange because he is a world star! It was a wonderful time. And thanks to him, I discovered the Moscow Mule. I didn’t know, he tried me and of course it was amazing (laughs)! »

Break the codes

Whether it’s a men’s or women’s perfume, the beginning is the same: the presentation of a project by a brand, where the perfumer feels different aspects. “We have a lot of freedom, but it’s true that as a female perfumer, we often go for something floral while the masculine ones are more woody and these are difficult trends to change. a couple, but there are many things that can be recorded in each family of foods, but when we go too far from the beaten path, it is better to work and not enjoy. . There are test, the most interesting products came out, but the consumers did not find it. It should be remembered that men are less accustomed to perfume than women Perfumes are only for gentlemen in their 50s and 60s. It’s still new. And it’s true that many clichés persist with changing mores. When we think of women’s perfumes, we think of good perfumes, clear or pink, floral, soft, powdery, although it is easy to think of this fragrance of the kind adopted by strong women. Today, it is really wild, rejects the codes and listens only to their wishes. Only women among others.

Dior perfumes
François Demachy personally selected the lavender extracts to be included in Parfums Dior. © Dior Press

Not one, though lavender

There are three main types of lavender:

good lavenderWhere natural lavender, which naturally grows between 800 and 1,400 meters above sea level. A small tree about 50 cm tall, with a single flower per stem. It gives a high essential oil, with a flowery scent and is more delicate than lavandin, but it is more expensive.

spike lavender it’s at a lower altitude and it’s taller with broad leaves, it also has a lot of buds for each stem.

– Finally, lavender It is actually a cross between the previous two types. It grows between 200 and 800 meters above sea level and has large ears. It is common, about 80% of the cultivated area. Better and cheaper. It emits a strong, but more camphoric scent. It is commonly used in the industry for cleaning, cleaning and beauty products.


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