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Something strange in the Californian atmosphere, the personal and family diary of a journey, the adaptation of a popular manga, a crazy bird… the program promises this week, in dark rooms.

“No”: a great epic

Along with Boophis third feature film, Jordan Peele fulfills the veritable dream of the famous legend, combining the depth of the fantastic with the horizons of the epic, revisiting Hollywood mythologies – cavalcades in the desert, people itself will be against the external size … – , will breathe new life into them, returning to the first principles of cinematic pleasure and surprise.

The history of Boopuntranslatable onomatopoeia indicating rejection (“No”), which revolves around a family of horse trainers, the Haywoods, who work for the film industry. After their father dies unexpectedly, OJ (Daniel Kaluuya) and his sister Emerald (Keke Palmer) keep the family ranch at arm’s length, out in the California desert. One evening, OJ secretly sees in the sky what appears to be a flying saucer. The brother and sister had a good time there: if they could get a picture that could be used on television, they would be famous and rich.

Therefore, the difficulty of the film is related to the cinematographic: it is a question of taking a picture in order to confirm the truth of the strange machine in the world. The main roles given to Afro-Americans (OJ and Emerald), Asian-Americans (Jupe) or African-Americans (Angel) are not insignificant: they have the responsibility of consecrating these story. Peele continues to have his anti-American image on his side.

One of the biggest successes of Boop It is in his creation, whose beauty will punish us for many years of ghastly digital monsters. Half-aquatic, half-aerial, a body undecidable between inflatable or organic, it floats in the air to put it with a thousand metamorphoses. It is a natural response to these two forces of attraction, the cinema and the living: as a form of constant movement. Mathieu Maheret

American film directed by Jordan Peele. With Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Brandon Perea, Michael Wincott (2 h 15).

“Far from home”: the dream of the good life

“And my Bleu de Chanel, I take? » In Beirut, Jamil, a young Syrian, is hesitant to pack his bags for the mass exodus. You have to be selective, take what you need so you don’t throw anything overboard if the ship shakes. Within a few hours, Jamil flies to Turkey, where he secretly loads a container of water for Greece before flying to Stockholm. A hundred kilometers away, his younger brother Milad gave his last music lesson in Damascus. He dreamed of a good life in the city outside. He thought of Berlin. This is where he wants to fill concert halls and create a rock star effect for himself. Here we are in 2015, Syria is not out of the war.

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