Marshal Murat’s home fragrance and candle will be launched this weekend in Montigny-le-Gannelon.

Marshal of the Empire Joachim Murat (1767-1815) is considered one of the bravest and undoubtedly the most eccentric. “He is the king of franfrelucherie. Even in combat, he stood out because his clothes were too big, making him an easy target! “remembers Nicolas Fermeaux, founding president of the Maison civile et militaire Joachim Murat and curator in Bailleau-le-Pin.

A new historical event, this weekend, at the castle of Montigny-le-Gannelon

He will wear this weekend in the castle of Montigny-le-Gannelon which he compares to David Beckham, the first international footballer who became the first archetype of the metrosexual. “Emperor Bonaparte said of Murat” that in Caesar’s war he was, but otherwise, almost a woman. He has sartorial freedom and eccentricity. We need to know! »

A “woody, spicy and musky” finish.

Nicolas Fermeaux also wanted us to feel “the greatest sword of the Empire”. He has teamed up with producer Sébastien Chambenoist, based in Saint-Pellerin, to introduce a home fragrance and a “Murat” scented candle. “I combine my life and my passions,” said Nicolas Fermeaux who wanted to rediscover the scents of tobacco and vanilla that he loved so much.

The home fragrance and scented candle “Murat” from La Maison Lucien is presented with a large painting created in 1811 by the artist Antoine-Jean Gros. Marshal Joachim Murat has been the King of Naples for three years and we want to show his success.

Prince Murat, a descendant of Joachim Murat, founded Parfums Le Galion in the 1930s but it is not known whether Joachim Murat used eau de Cologne as much for his toilet as his brother-in-law Napoleon. “There is no historical support”, says Sébastien Chambenoist who did some experiments for four months before arriving at the final result “woody, spicy and musky”.

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La Duchaylatière, in Lanneray, has released its home fragrance called “1836”

“I don’t impose anything,” says the interior perfumer and wax maker who sells his refined and elegant products under the La Maison Lucien brand. Nicolas Fermeaux put me on the path to creativity by focusing on the olfactory families of tobacco and vanilla. I found other elements to develop the composition: cloves and ginger as top notes, cedar and violet as heart notes, amber and musk. »

“I wonder what’s next”

This “unique” and “made from A to Z” production pleased Nicolas Fermeaux. “I like the style, it sends the wall and that’s the case! The notes of the leather evoke the chains of that noble driver Murat. The lamp is also kind, charming and warm like me!”

Nicolas Fermeaux also appreciated the “welcoming and friendly” nature of Sébastien Chambenoist. “I came to his living room in his small village. I saw that all his products are 100% artisanal, manual and made in France, he said. Stéphane Bern gave me a scented candle and Sébastien Chambenoist designed it for his royal and military school in Thiron-Gardais. I lit it and was surprised that it lasted longer than other candles. I also noticed that Stéphane smells! Then I saw I “1836”, the perfume and lamp designed by Sébastien Chambenoist with the garden of La Duchaylatière, made by Jean-Pierre Coffe in Lanneray. »

Maison Lucien, in Saint-Pellerin, bears the name of the manufacturer

Nicolas Fermeaux became a client of La Maison Lucien and wanted to play this “local card” to “strengthen” his historic reconstruction in Montigny-le-Gannelon. “I’m thinking about the result with the number “Murat” 2. Now, guests can smell and buy perfume and candle “Murat” number 1 online! »

Practice it. The Murat collection from Maison Lucien, which includes a 170 g candle (80 hours of burning) at € 32.50 and a 100 ml home fragrance (7 hours of afterglow) at € 19.50, was announced this weekend in this weekend of May 28 to 29, 2022, from 10 am to 5:30 pm, at the Château de Montigny-le-Gannelon during the historical re-enactment “The return of Murat to Montigny” (prices: €4 for 10-14 year olds and €8 for adults, free for children under 10 years old). Information on the Facebook page of La Maison Lucien, on the website or by email:

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