In pictures: our selection of body scraps

A must-have routine for soft, blemish-free, fair skin (body carving in English) exists in many forms and forms. Initially drying the skin, now they are made with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients like shea butter or sweet almond oil. For use on wet skin, while bathing or showering, the scrub will gently exfoliate the skin and remove toxins. During this summer, they seem to lower the blackness and continue. However, you should choose your scrub according to your preference. Exfoliating scrub, toning scrub or anti-cellulite scrub, they do not have the same benefits. Here’s our pick of scrubs for soft skin after summer.

The company of Provence

This scrub combines the exfoliating properties of organic apricot kernels and the nourishing properties of shea butter. Thanks to its creamy texture, it is easy to apply to the skin and allows an easy exfoliation without attacking the epidermis. The skin is soft.

Shea body lotion. Price: 25 euros.


Used on wet skin, this scrub is made with sea salt, Bora-Bora sand and shea shells, which provide deep exfoliation. In order not to dry the skin, jojoba oil, coconut and buriti are added. Perfect for soft, satiny skin all summer long.

Eating the body: Baija

Moana tiare flower body wash. Price: 30 euros.


Formulated with 99.9% natural ingredients, this body scrub provides gentle exfoliation without weakening the epidermis. Formulated with vegetable oils and Epsom salt, the skin can be softened and cleansed while leaving a pleasant scent of watermelon.

Eating of the body: Mimitika

Alcoholic body wash. Price: €19.50.


Based on sea salts, this body scrub restores radiance and softness to the skin. Enriched with samphire and natural algae, the epidermis is cleansed, purified and rid of impurities. When mixed with water, its waxy texture turns into milk for gentle exfoliation.

Increased body fat: Holidermie

Increase body wash. Price: 35 euros.

Suzanne Kaufman

Formulated with sea sand and pumice stone powder, this treatment cleanses and rejuvenates the epidermis by removing dead skin cells. With parts of St. John’s Wort, Wild Pansy and Echinacea, this scrub cleanses and soothes skin for a soft and velvety finish.

Cultivating the Dietary Physiology: Susanne Kaufmann

The new body waste. Price: 62 euros.


With fresh spices and citrus, this body scrub is perfect for summer as it leaves a fresh texture on the skin. Based on bamboo root, pumice stone and geranium leaf, it cleanses, purifies and cleanses the epidermis.

Geranium leaf scrub Edible: Aesop

Geranium leaf for the body. Price: 30 euros.


In the form of a fine powder made from amber stone, rice and sweet almond, this botanical scrub exfoliates, gently refines the skin’s texture and removes impurities. Lotus extracts, bitter orange blossom water and shea butter provide the necessary hydration without weakening the epidermis.

Carnivores: Sentéales

Body wash. Price: 43 euros.


Without attacking the skin, this scrub based on powder and apricot kernel oil exfoliates the skin deeply. When mixed with water, its form becomes a milky emulsion. Dead cells are removed, the skin is smooth, soft and comfortable. In addition, apricot oil can restore the hydrolipidic image.

Physical Credit: Website

All-apricot crust. Price: 61 euros.

Bjork & Berry

Enriched with organic birch, sea buckthorn and chamomile, this natural scrub cleanses and purifies the body without weakening the skin. It also has a cleansing formula that includes rapeseed oil and shea butter. Its woody scent with notes of bergamot and vetiver transports the user to Sweden.

Eating Skin: Björk & Berries

Body wash. Price: 35 euros.


With a rich texture, this scrub cleanses and purifies the skin for a feeling of lightness and freshness. Thanks to the combination of jojoba wax and soft cellulose balls, its grain is really cleaned. Results? The skin is soft and comfortable. Endowed with soothing properties, it is ideal for sensitive skin.

Dietary Supplements: Avene

SUBTLE OAK BODY. Price: €17.30.

The reason

Perfect for soft and silky skin, this body scrub is made with sugar to exfoliate without drying. Its flavor turns into a cleansing foam when it comes in contact with water, which makes its application pleasant. It softens and cleans the skin, while giving off a scent of ginger and bergamot.

Food: Origins

Origins Ginger, ginger body scrub. Price: 39 euros.


This scrub based on grape seed oil and honey gently removes dead skin cells while reducing blemishes. From the first use, it feels smoother, softer and hydrated. For best results, this scrub should be used twice a week.

Bodybuilding Nutrition: Caudalie

Chopped Cabernet Sausage. Price: €26.90.

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