Who gives for Father’s Day?

Father’s Day 2022: what perfume to give your dad?

Yes, it smells good gift idea… If it is well chosen. As a personal decorator, we ask ourselves to think about the style of our beloved father in order to choose the right choice of his new fragrance. Is she a warm character for you, full of style and amazing beauty? These are spices medical note that’s what it’s all about: an elegant way with notes of bergamot and patchouli in Haltane eau de parfum from Perfumes of Marlya strong path with rose petals on BYREDO or fused with Eros Versace and its mint condition.

Haltane Eau de Parfum

Perfumes of Marly

273 €

Super Cedar Eau de Parfum

Super Cedar Eau de Parfum


195 €

Eros Eau de Parfum

Eros Eau de Parfum


76 €

Is the first man in your life a radiant person who always breathes new life wherever he goes? These are the seed notes that produce its date. Perfect for summer, we recommend citrus fruits for their energizing side: grapefruit or lemon, combined with lavender, cedar or mint. Our favorite? Fresh water from L.12.12 Lacoste It has a good name, eau de parfum 801 from Good Morning for the extra salt or the taste of La Fraîcheur Thé Basilic Molinard. The hard part: making a choice.

Eau de toilette L.12.12 White Water

Eau de toilette L.12.12 White water


82 €

Eau de Parfum 801 Embruns Cèdre Grapefruit

Eau de Parfum 801 Embruns Cèdre Grapefruit

Good Morning

84 €

La Fraîcheur Eau de Parfum Basil Tea

La Fraîcheur Eau de Parfum Basil Tea



Gift Ideas for Men: Who’s Box to Give?

Do you know your father’s perfume and want to spoil him with a nice gift box? Use it, at the time of the father’s day, we know many of these gentlemen’s favorite flavors. For lovers of rich spices and herbs, the box The Scent Officercomposed of a perfume, a liquid gel and a deodorant that is perfect.

Perfumer Set Manager

Perfumer Set Manager



On the fresh side, we like Eau Sauvage of Dior in a box: bergamot, lavender, and chypre accord… With this, your dad will smell good from head to toe!

Eau sauvage perfume

Eau sauvage perfume



Looking for a herbal scent? Born in Rome Uomo Valentino A subtle blend of violet, vetiver and mineral salt for a truly fresh scent. It comes in a unique box with a travel bottle, a 100ml bottle and a liquid gel.

Birthday Box in Rome Uomo

Birthday Box in Rome Uomo



Finally, if you want to enhance the mysterious beauty that your beloved father exudes, choose the La Nuit de L’Homme d’homme box.Yves Saint Laurent. Tonka bean, cedar wood, lavender, black pepper, or bergamot make it a very strong scent.

Box Night Man

Box Night Man

Yves Saint Laurent


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