INTERVIEW – Arié Elmaleh’s summer: “It’s hard for me to be lazy on the beach”

For the summer, offers you a new event. Until August 15, every day, a character answers our summer quiz. Today, Arié Elmaleh takes the pen.

Oh, summer! The sun, the holidays, now you can relax under the blue sky, finish the unfinished book from the summer before, take time for what you always miss for the next day … To celebrate summer. holiday, went to meet some people from the world of television, music, fashion or film to ask them some questions about their habits every summer. Today is the day Arie Elmaleh we will provide the floor. The actor we have on August 10 in the cinema in the movie The highest classagreed to implement the summer maintenance game. In the summer, do you prefer the sea or the mountains?
Arie Elmaleh : My priority is to go near the sea! The sea, the waves, the wind, and of course the kite surfing! I love this sport as it is my time of relaxation where I recharge the batteries. Holidays, with friends or family?
Arie Elmaleh : If possible at the same time. It’s funny how there are types of friends: the ones we can leave as family, the others we can never see. What is your best holiday?
Arie Elmaleh
: For me, the best moments of the holidays are when I have nothing planned and we go on a trip without knowing where we will sleep that evening. It pushes us away from our habits and routines. And the worst?
Arie Elmaleh
: I don’t remember having a bad vacation for a while… Your best holiday?
Arie Elmaleh : With my family, very close to a Kite where I go kitesurfing with my children. Success in sharing your interests with your children is not easy. For your holidays, do you prefer to visit or be lazy?
Arie Elmaleh : Personally, I always get a little burning in the throat during the holidays. I need to find more sports related to the sea…. It’s hard for me to surf on the beach. But it happens to me sometimes at the end of the day when I’m peeling. When on vacation, what stories and books do you bring back?
Arie Elmaleh : I want to listen to Seu Jorge to bring joy, the sound of the word, there is something very happy. Otherwise, my 12-year-old son appreciates French rap. And electro like Bonobo. When reading, this summer I like a book by Marshal Rosenberg called ” words are windows “. He is the founder of NVC (non-violent communication) which is a great tool for bringing harmony to all our relationships… business, love, with our children! What flavor or dish reminds you of summer?
Arie Elmaleh : For me, if I want to breathe fresh and clean, I use Eau Sauvage. I love the cologne side: you can give it damage, it’s always fresh fruit. Do you know where you are going on vacation this summer?
Arie Elmaleh
: I will go with my family to a place called Mescher Sur Gironde. As its name suggests, it is located on the estuary of the Gironde, a very beautiful and strange place. The meeting between the river and the sea. I love the energy of this place.

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