the President will not go alone

Emmanuel Macron is enjoying his vacation at Fort de Brégançon. The Head of State treats himself to a boat trip. The images are not visible on the Internet.

Emmanuel Macron: his wife was greatly affected by his presence

The life of the President of the Republic is not easy. His professional commitments take a big place in his life, so sometimes it affects his married life. In June, Next to The couple reportedly ended their trip to Fort Brégançon for the Ascension weekend. Of course, Emmanuel Macron’s re-election failed at the same time.

So to compensate, his wife asked him for a romantic date the day after the results. Something the president approves of! And when the latter is forced to travel around France, far away from his half, the latter has little work to fill the gap.

In the book Madam Presidentpublished in 2019 by Plon editions, we know that Brigitte Macron perfumes herself with her husband’s perfume, Wild water by Christian Dior. So, the first wife has an affair with her lover.

Emmanuel Macron was photographed shirtless.

Emmanuel Macron: not photographed on a kayak, not seen walking

Brigitte Macron can be happy, which means holidays for Emmanuel Macron and his ministers. As usual, the Head of State and his wife went to Fort Brégançon, in the Var. And of course, the politician will not be seen. So, the president is seen in full boat ride, shirtless. Many photographers have died at the time, these images have traveled the Internet and television. Of course, the news was reported right on BFM TV.

In addition to the good physical condition of the president (Matthieu Delormeau wants to sleep at night), it is another detail that has caught the attention of Internet users. Indeed, in 2020, Emmanuel Macron was surprised in the same place doing jet-skiing. Now on the boat, maybe the president more environmentally conscious? Internet users are skeptical.

“Macron is on a boat to prove that he has become a respecter of the environment and the cost of his flights. His com is getting really bad…”; ” In 2020, Emmanuel Macron is on a jet-ski. In 2022, Emmanuel Macron is on board. The thought process? » ; “The government’s talk about climate change is still #greenwashing: to show it, Emmanuel Macron goes from jetski to boat”.

Is Emmanuel Macron in trouble?  Nabilla installs, internet users are taken!

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