The life and work of Osvaldo Pugliese: High ideals don’t have to win, they have to give.

A famous story, which has become very popular in the world of musicians, says that when a problem arises you must say “Pugliese” three times, referring to Don Osvaldo Pugliese. Once this is done, luck will come and difficult situations will be resolved..

Among the figures of our popular music, there are men of the best talent and the most loyal to their faith who have made ethics a way of life. But few people, like Osvaldo Pugliese, combined these two qualities. and in other words, his name Pugliese is combined with the nickname of “El Maestro” (The Master)a label he has long accepted.

It was 1940. Big teams had their fans. Some liked the speed of the D’Arienzo in the “Cancel“Others are identified with music “The Master of Tango”, Carlos Di Sarli.

The porteños of the center listen carefully Troilus. Inside, the following items are appreciated From Angelis. But in Barracas… in San Telmo, in Greater Buenos Aires, there is the “hinchada” if I may say so, for our people, made for dancers.

Pugliese, on a personal level, was a measured, perhaps shy man.. He has only one daughter from his first marriage, who inherited his tango spirit.

Later, in a second marriage, he was accompanied for many years by a woman, Lidia, who controlled his health… and especially his finances, twice things that Osvaldo Pugliese neglected.

There is another famous date: August 11, 1939.. It was 20 days before the horror of World War II was unleashed. In this month of August in 1939, a new concert began at the prestigious restaurant. “El National”.with young music, Amadeo Mandarino.

The concert was conducted by a short, thin man, strict in his speech and demeanor. He is 34 years old, what is his name? Osvaldo Pugliese. Despite being young, he has been in business for 20 years.

He was a pianist for Roberto Firpo, Pedro Maffia, Elvino Vardaro. He was also listed in their ranks, before he started “The Nation”., Pedro Laurenz and Miguel Caló.

The total number of years of Pugliese’s uninterrupted work is more than 55.
He has performed with his orchestra in countries such as Japan, Russia, China and France.
. A journalist asked Pugliese: “And how would you describe yourself in terms of the music you play? ».

And without false modesty, this tall man replied that because of his height, it is not necessary to reveal his size. “I’m a musician”.. And that’s what he thinks, because he’s a musician.

Because “A great artist is the closest thing to a child”.. And it’s very scary. And music, more than sound, is oxygen for him.. His orchestra consists of musicians such as: Penon, Julian Plaza, Mederos and many others.

And the singers are the same Chanel, Vidal, Belussi, Montero and then the latest: Guida and Abel Córdoba.. Great depression marked Pugliese’s last years. Two years before his death, the eldest of his 3 grandchildren, a son of his daughter, died.. HIV, that terrible and mysterious disease, has taken the life of Osvaldito Pugliesehe, apart from having the same name as him, also shared the musical power of his grandfather.

He went to “one of those wounds where tears are not enough…”. Osvaldo Pugliese did not say anything about this tragic event. She was able, thanks to her restraint, to hold back her tears. But what he can’t control… is his pain.

Because “Spiritual pain does not bleed, but they cry.”. When the writer of Messages »The Yumba »and many precious stones died in Buenos Aires in the year 89.On July 25, 1995, many of us thought and I said in the aphorism: “High spirits don’t have to win, they have to give”..

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