New projects and activities for Pochet du Courval in Guimerville

Pochet du Courval is one of the main players in the sweet bottling in the Bresle Valley. The beautiful story began in 1623 in a place called Courval, next to the current Guimerville factory, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021. The nearby Eu forest, sand and The water made this place the perfect place for this specific activity. It is an anniversary that will be celebrated with dignity next year by the entire company, which is family-owned and has 1,623 employees – including temporary workers – at the Normandy site and eight others and around the world, including Brazil.

Taking ancestral knowledge and independent knowledge

Its installation in 1971 in Guimerville, on 10 hectares, allows it to do more: “ Since then, the Guimerville plant has grown and grown over the years, going from one to three ovens, going digital, expanding its production and eliminating equipment. and integrating environmental issues into its process.explains Benoit Marszalek, director of operations of Pochet du Courval. But we are nothing without the transmission of ancestral and unique knowledge. »

In fact, some workers have worked here for several generations. But this is not enough to register: “ In order to attract the youngest, come to work with us, we organize open doors for schools, high schools …report to the leader. Often, these are transactions and opportunities that are unknown. Glass Valley has come to shoot movies on commercials and then broadcast them on social media. We do it ourselves. Some have graduated in mechanics. Connect, edit… follow. »

The factory employs 1,600 people. (Photo by Anne Soullez)

Every day, one million bottles and cups emerge from its fifteen production lines powered by three gas furnaces. Dior, Hermes, Chanel, Lancôme, Paco Rabanne, Givenchy… the biggest perfume and skin care brands rely on the company to push the limits of the mirror and surpass themselves. We will mention the “Gabrielle” bottle for Chanel, with a thinner glass, which required more than seven years of work. Even Lancôme trusted him to put under the mirror his mascara called “Hypnose”. The latest additions to date include “Fame”, the new women’s perfume by Paco Rabanne. It shows the technical skill of Pochet de Courval for thicknesses, smoothnesses and angles. Notice the finesse in the taste of the brand dress by Paco Rabanne Couture or the details of the heeled shoes.

Buyers and sellers are at risk
in sustainable development

Increasingly, buyers and sellers are involved in sustainable development. It’s time for clarity… In this context, management wants to talk about reducing the impact on the environment that is intended to work for another asset. Since 2014, the company has reduced its CO2 emissions by 20%, mainly thanks to the replacement and expansion of its three gas furnaces.

The goal is to reach -50% by 2033 thanks to the first French electric oven dedicated to fat bottles, which will be produced by the end of 2024: ” It can offer fragrances, skin care and make-up products with carbon-free skin care that don’t pollute the planet, even if the cost of electricity goes up. continued Benoit Marszalek. For this winter, we have already placed our gas orders based on customer preferences. However, this does not prevent us from possible cuts… »

The shape of bottles is changing. The Chanel “Number 5” launched last year, for the perfume’s fifty years, has 15% recycled glass. Ditto for “Good Fortune”, Viktor&Rolf’s new banner: ” It really is the current. We have requests for refillable bottles… During the epidemic, the work, like the whole glass sector, falls due to the closure of the free customs at the airports, and remember the old saying: “When Pochet Coughs, Bresle Valley Gets Cold”.

Today, the internet is running at full speed. It is led by the production of glass containers for cosmetics, which is 20% of the production, a growth: ” After the flu, everyone wants to take care of themselves, maybe their face, their hands… “, explains Benoit Marszalek, enough to see the future in green…

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