Chanel: a Chanel pop-up store has been established in Paris to showcase the collection’s products


We all know the smell of N°5 de Chanel : a mix of enveloping rose, opulent jasmine, surrounded by vanilla and above all, an emphasis on aldehydes, which started, in 1921, the era of the new perfume. At that time, “women’s perfume with women’s perfume” was ordered Ernest Beaux na Gabrielle Chanel 80 items, and it is the opposite of the soliflores of the time. The choice of the bottle is also surprising: a sleek box decorated with a faceted cabochon like a lab bottle, inspired by the status of a rich person.

The new job

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of his fragrance, Chanel was inspired by this original idea: to turn the tools into precious vessels. The result: 17 devices, each one better than the next, injecting a sense of humor and joy about the house. “Chanel Factory 5 takes the intense power of N°5 to renew itself in order to preserve itself. This concept reflects the eternal youth of the product, and the creative thought behind it. It also shows that a technical product, with the right functional attachment, can be transformed into something unique and desirable by using the information codes of N°5, without losing its principles, the that is his work.“, explained Thomas du Near Saint Maur, the director of Parfums Beauté founder. Because the idea, with this collection, is to democratize Chanel N ° 5, icon of the most beautiful, through designs that imitate the elements of our daily life. Body oil becomes a gouache bud. Bath water in a paint container, body oil in a cruet, bath pebbles hidden in a tea box and body emulsion in washing powder. All of them, of course, destroy the notes of Chanel N ° 5, and bring the black and white codes of the house to a pop art spirit, the main way of elevating the things of that with today in the photo situation.

The presentation

To celebrate this centenary with great grandeur, Chanel think of pop-up shops as funhouses as funhouses, from Paris to Monterrey in London and Seoul. Many experimental areas are fully dedicated to N ° 5, immerse yourself in the world of history: the opportunity to observe the production lines from the catwalks, the quality control process, the workshops and other tool boxes, and then finish with a trip to the factory shop to pack the pickups. Thomas du Near St Maur wrap up: As N°5 celebrates 100 years of fame, Chanel Factory 5 reminds us that youth is more than all ideals: daring to let go, finding to be independent with the rights, not to think of himself. be light without work. Have the audacity to prefer youth of mind to old age of habit. This is what this collection tells us. »


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