And if we put the fathers in the perfume?

Fresh, stimulating, floral, woody, amber, peppery, sensual, bold…here are some ideas for new fragrances dedicated to men that will not be missed on Father’s Day.

More snow

In the family of the Terre d’Hermès film, here is Christine Nagel’s olfactory innovation, called Eau Givrée. “I wanted to challenge the idea that fresh and light, explained the designer. I sought to show the new nature of the world covered with snow, the combination between these two , a source of renewal and primal energy for man. From this clear bottle (refillable) with a frosted appearance, the scent of citron, juniper berry and pepper escapes, followed by the great power of mineral and woody notes. All in a simple…


Hermès, Terre d’Hermès Water Frosted, 50 ml, €86

Mediterranean Sea

In the women’s version, but also in the men’s, fresh waters, in the small volumes, Light Blue Italian Love by Dolce&Gabbana decorated with new shades of blue. A Mediterranean scent, the men’s eau de toilette offers grapefruit and green bergamot in the top notes, green herbs, and violet leaves in the heart notes and then, in the base notes, patchouli, vetiver, musk and Gaïac wood.

And if we put the fathers in the perfume?

Dolce&Gabbana, Italian Blue Love, 100 ml, €87

an Italian summer

In the brochure, Jo Malone presents its new Blossoms collection with two fragrances that embody the Italian summer. Sea Daffodil, a sunflower scent, sparkles with ylang ylang and holds warm vanilla mixed with creamy sandalwood. And bitter Mandarin, which combines the freshness of citrus with a warm amber note and a hint of precious orris for an addictively seductive experience.

And if we put the fathers in the perfume?
©Jo Malone

Jo Malone, Sea Daffodil Cologne or Bitter Mandarine Cologne, 50 ml, €86

Maritime agreement

For Diptyque lovers, the logo of the House “Do Son” is decorated in blue, to see again a new print collection. In notes of tuberose, orange blossom and jasmine anchored by sea breeze, the collection is available in an eau de toilette, an Eau de Parfum, a scented candle and a hand cream.

And if we put the fathers in the perfume?

Diptyque, Do Son, eau de toilette, 30 ml, on sale at Senteurs d’ailleurs, €60

It cannot be separated

Combined and inseparable, like Yin and Yang, representing the female and male poles of everything and everything, Annayake has new books for him and her. To give an olfactory perspective to this relationship, Him&Her is built on different resources but works differently to produce unique features and different accords. Therefore, the men’s fragrance contains grapefruit, cashmere wood and vetiver, which are found in the women’s fragrance.

And if we put the fathers in the perfume?

Annayake, Yin&Yang, 100ml, €66

Simple and powerful

Following the success of the Authentic collection, Abercrombie&Fitch launches two new fragrances for men and women, Authentic Moment. So, simple but strong, the fragrance combines elements of freshness with the warmth of floral notes combined with base notes. On top, a blend of apple, bergamot, cypress and cinnamon; in the heart notes, neroli and base, vanilla pods, sandalwood, amber wood and musk.

And if we put the fathers in the perfume?

Abercrombie&Fitch, True Time, 50ml, €49


Made in Belgium, the new Maison Eole brand offers the taste of vine and angelica leaves mixed with a touch of amber wood, with its Égalité eau de parfum. For him and for him.

And if we put the fathers in the perfume?

Maison Eole, Balance, eau de parfum, €75


To complete the fathers, Dior offers the Elixir Sauvage, an expression of elegance with freshness. A virile signature, visible among all. Or, for those who don’t wear perfume, fresh face and beard moisturiser, with a very light gel formula for radiant skin and beard.

And if we put the fathers in the perfume?

Dior, Sauvage Elixir, eau de parfum, 60 ml, €153.30


The perfect summer fragrance, Boss Bottled Marine opens with a burst of jelly apple and peppermint against heart notes, composed of muscat sage and cinnamon before the “hit bottom”, with cashmere wood, patchouli and sandalwood. An inspiring eau de toilette in a matte dark blue bottle, in a limited edition.

And if we put the fathers in the perfume?
©The boss

Luna, Ocean Bottle, 50ml, €73

It’s all about courage

Everything is wrapped in red, the new Montblanc Legend Red. Strength, charm, charm, red embodies, in a man’s wardrobe, confidence, stability and strength. On the aromatic side, blood orange, cedar wood, clary sage and tonka bean give the velvety sensuality of this woody fragrance, oscillating between freshness and strength, audacity and richness.

And if we put the fathers in the perfume?

Montblanc, Legend Red, 50ml, €60

Unisex and Belgian

A combination of “I love” and “gem”, the new Belgian brand J’emme presents itself as a unisex collection of “fragrances that bring energy and feelings to improve the combination of the vibratory action of the crystals and the beneficial and balancing benefits of the essences.”, according to the creator, Julie Tenant. Of course, the four vegan perfumes are different in composition made with natural materials, each with a specific color associated with a semi-precious stone, such as citrine in yellow or garnet in red.

And if we put the fathers in the perfume?

J’Emme, online sale at, 100 ml, €150

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