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Suggestion from Sylvain Bouchard, beer sommelier.

3.8% alc. /log out.

Price: $5.49 / 473ml

Serve between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius

Many of the bitter beers on the market are a product of a beer style that originated in Berlin: Berliner Weiss. Very clear, refreshing, low alcohol (+/- 3% alc./vol.) wheat beer with lactic acidity and strong carbonation. Napoleon’s soldiers called it “The Champagne of the North” because of its bright and beautiful side. The doyenne of Saguenay’s craft breweries, La Voie Maltée, offers a traditional weiss berliner, flavored with a mild cold hop that delivers a burst of spice and fruit aromas.

The beer is golden green and covered with a thin, white neck. Pleasant fruity nose with strong hints of lemon followed by a small touch (mango and pineapple). On the palate, we are greeted with a frank, biting, but mild taste. The sourdough bread is flavored with sour cream and lemon. You will notice the presence of hops not in their usual bitterness, but in the height of their flavor contribution (lemon, mango, herbaceous). We recommend the soft skin of a simple effervescence in a thin layer. All the ingredients are carefully mixed for style, giving a real drink and a sense of freshness.

4.25% alc. /log out.

Price: $5.49 / 473ml

Serve between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius

Another sour beer perfect for summer is Gose (pronounced go-ze): wheat beer, fruity, aromatic and very bright with low acidity. Goses are unique in that they are the only German beers that include spices in their recipe, such as salt and coriander. The result is a very refreshing style with its aromas and flavors, high attenuation and low alcohol content (+/- 4% alc./vol). Because the development of a gose requires the addition of salt to the water to be distilled, the Le Naufrageur brewery in Carleton, Gaspésie, stands out from the rest by using one of the most important local products: sea water!

Pale red beer, slightly covered with a thin and persistent white neck. It has a slightly honeyed cereal and fruit (small lemon) nose. The lactic acidity shows its presence from the beginning with a lemon taste. Sea salt, it’s easy to see, quickly softens the “bite”. Coriander seeds are the most aromatic ingredient. As with this type, the hops give a grassy feel, but no real bitterness. Take big sips on a hot and sunny day, on the edge of the beach, in Gaspésie … or else!

6.6% alc./vol.

Price: $11.99 / 500ml

Serve between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius

Modern sour beers come in a variety of styles (without naming the original style) and often with added fruit to give information on their alcohol content. Also, in order to increase the complexity and depth of these beers, it is not uncommon for them to age in oak barrels. The promoter of Le Castor microbrewery in Rigaud wants to show his knowledge and understanding of the brewery by presenting this type of product.

The red color is a beautiful red color, small neck and fast for sour beers of this type. The nose is well dominated by raspberry and cherry and gives us an impression of aging in oak barrels. From the first sip and the shock of the bite, the “wild” side of the yeast seduces us. Both fruits have a sweet taste, starting with raspberry, followed by cherry. Vinegar (almost acetic) is not a good acid. The flavor of the wood gives complexity and depth to the beer. A mild effervescence and lack of bitterness completes the whole. Great skill in mixing and aging in barrels. Color vision.

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