The Best Perfumes for Men in 2017 –

What are the best men’s fragrances this year?

A year ago, we gave you our annual top 10 of A great fragrance for men. A comparison that has been able to establish the name of some perfumes, Dior, Gaultier or Paco Rabanne and Chanel are very prominent.

In the end, it was Land of hermes which first took the 2016 list when the vote was announced among readers in favor of Bleu de Chanel. Twelve months later, you’ll find that these perfumes are still selling for almost as much!

In addition, it is the best seller of the main perfumes in France (namely Sephora, Marionnaud and Nocibé) that led us to establish this top 10.

10. Pure XS by Paco Rabanne

A few weeks ago, we presented the latest creation of Paco Rabanne as one of the fragrances to follow for the end of 2017. We were not mistaken, because the smell up the sale.

The eau de toilette of others stands for its physical side… it is also an aphrodisiac with its notes of fragrance. Its midnight blue color also plays a large role in its seductive power.

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9. Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani

Inspired by the Italian countryside, Giorgio Armani perfume is back on the best-selling list of men’s fragrances. We always notice its heady combination of citrus fruits and rosemary and its woody character.

Sophisticated, elegant and timeless, Acqua di Gio deserves its place in this top 10!

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Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani

8. Night Man by Yves Saint Laurent

He disappeared from the top 10 in 2016 and is now back at the front of the stage. Woody and aromatic, deep and sensual, Yves Saint-Laurent’s perfume preserves a part of mystery, a part of shadow. A nocturnal species that lives up to its name.

Its cylindrical bottle topped by a hexagonal cap proves that this fragrance is harder than it seems. It’s a way of saying that you have to pierce its shell to appreciate its simplicity.

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Night of Man by Yves Saint Laurent

7. The Man by Jean-Paul Gaultier

A bottle known at first glance, a scent known with first scents: there is no doubt that Le Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier is a classic among classics. It is above all a fragrance that never gets old.

Remember how the marinière eau de toilette plays on the notes of lavender, mint and sage. Fresh, light and yet “powerful”, this Man is not lacking in style. That’s why we love it!

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The Man by Jean-Paul Gaultier

6. Bossed Bottled by Hugo Boss

The Boss Bottled will soon burn out its 20 candles. However, like Gaultier’s Male, this fragrance is not the same now. Citrus and apple provide a fruity note that combines with hints of cinnamon and sandalwood. Gourmet and seductive, Hugo Boss water never gets old.

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Boss bottle by Hugo Boss

5. Chanel Blue

Wood and green. There is no need to embark on great lyrical journeys to describe this Bleu de Chanel fragrance, whose name sums up the character perfectly. Passionate and magical, this eau de toilette wants to show your romantic side, ladies. And if we look at its existence in this position, we can say that it has fulfilled its mission!

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Bleu de Chanel

4. Azzaro is loved by Azzaro

At the beginning of the year, we presented Wanted as the perfume to follow in 2017. A few months later, its sales numbers seem to prove us right. If its barrel-shaped bottle is a success, Azzaro’s new fragrance can rely on its “exploding and purifying” composition, with a sophisticated blend of herbs and spices, combining vetiver, cardamom and lemon. .

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Azzaro is loved by Azzaro

3. Sauvage by Dior

In Dior, we first saw Eau Sauvage, a virile, seductive fragrance, common among the elderly. Sauvage wanted to prove a revolutionary side: a “new radical, between violence and dignity”, as described by its creator, François Demachy. Here, bergamot and Sichuan pepper mix well with ambroxan and ambergris. Mineral, woody, sweet, floral: Sauvage reshuffles the cards and delivers a very powerful performance.

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Sauvage by Dior

2. 1 Million by Paco Rabanne

Do we need to feature this perfume by Paco Rabanne and its gold perfume? Released in a “Private” and then “Monopoly” style, this eau de toilette will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2018.

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1 million Paco Rabanne

1. Invictus by Paco Rabanne

A replacement was chosen for a million, and Invictus did not let his predecessor retire. Both fragrances reign supreme today among men’s fragrances. Cut to success, if we see its various advertising campaigns, Invictus is an eau de toilette that is as strong as it is. More effect, if we relate to the shock given by the combination between fruit, marine notes, bay leaf or ambergris.

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Invictus by Paco Rabanne

What can we learn from this level?

Paco Rabanne is a big winner, with three perfumes featured in the top 10… including the first two spots, with Invictus and 1 Million. Every year, these two perfumes prove their power of seduction, both for men and women. Apart from the alcohol itself, the graphic design of the bottles undoubtedly has a lot to do with it. This last point can be explained the ultimate success of the Azzaro Wanted eau de toilette.

Also, it can be checked lack of Terre d’Hermèsbut great success in 2016. However, the fragrance is a solid success and we can see a re-emergence in 2018. For the coming year, we are choosing a successor of Pure XS ( yes, new Paco Rabanne) and Y, Yves Saint-Laurent’s new creation.

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