One million, revolution Paco Rabanne

The first advertisement for One Million by Paco Rabanne, released in 2008. The 2016 editions of the perfume, Lady Million Privé for women and One Million Privé for men. Antoine Passera

In 2008, this virile, atypical and ironic water changed the codes of good fragrances for boys. This fall, the bestseller continues its trend with a subtle, less bling, more hipster print.

The 2016 edition of the perfume, Lady Million Privé is for women. Dr

Remember, the gold ingot, the boy snaps his fingers, the girls fall and that trail of skin and sugar, drunk, ugly, floats down the street. A pure product of the bling-bling era, when it was launched in the summer of 2008, the eau de toilette signed Christophe Raynaud with Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard (all Givaudan) in eight months in the number one market for men. – before Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier, Boss by Hugo Boss and Eau Sauvage by Dior. “His success comes from thinking about what he is saying, laughs Christophe Raynaud. It continues to be a reference for most labels in terms of creativity and communication.

When it was launched eight years ago, with its ingot-shaped bottle designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance and its “Far West” logo, One Million stood out for its electronic communication and not without humor. . At Galeries Lafayette, for example, the arrangement is beautiful, featuring a giant safe. Although the perfumes of the brand are the property of the Catalan Puig family, it was the couturier Paco Rabanne, then invested in the production (not him), whose idea was to choose gold, his favorite subject. . . In this booming season of shopping, the sentiment is mixed.

A golden combination

The 2016 edition of the perfume, One Million Privé for men. Dr

The Mlle Noï youth agency, innovative in terms of beauty, is leading the campaign. The picture with unused music (Chemical Brothers) shows a golden boy who just cuts his fingers to get a sedan, a girl… This style, called in the jargon a “conversation editor”, signs ghosts and creates emulators. “Until now, in the short term, many people have asked us the same thing, to inform Valérie Larrondo, Françoise Jacquey and Johanna Worth, the three authors of the campaign. But we are not to double a success, especially in relation to the context. We started from the knowledge that, in the world of perfume, the soldiers are always good. They are beautiful, they don’t have children, they didn’t stay in school. With this beautiful, ugly puzzle that likes women, big cars and money, we give a lack of humanity to the muse, we say differently to men in the end, to express themselves. second degree, but someone said it was a misogynistic film. It was surprising when we had three women working, especially a woman.

Cinnamon, rose and tangerine

On the original side, the details are clear: reverse the codes of male perfumes, leave the acceptance – the smell of purity, the fern – and use the things used in women’s ways to please men, but also women. “The Paco Rabanne brand, after the ups and downs, starting again with Black XS, something special should be done. One Million Smiley Water, Christophe Raynaud takes the nose. In this composition, some raw materials are overdosed. In the traditional skin we added juicy tangerine and a lot of cinnamon, you should not have kissed the men at that time. And before the regular geranium really, we slipped into rose. It’s new, it’s useless. Paco Rabanne’s creator described the result at the time as “a fragrance with good vibes.”

Today, One Million is one of the best sellers, and the house always offers a variety. In 2010, the nugget gave birth to his wife: Lady Million, “a girl with a dark side, who does not run to school”, explains Valérie Larrondo (Mlle Noï). The bottle is shaped like a gem (inspired by the Regent, a famous diamond kept in the Louvre) and water, given to Anne Flipo. After several “flankers” (fragrances like Intense in 2013, Cologne in 2015), One Million offers itself, for the winter, a duo for him and her. There are two more cleansers, based on quality oils, called Privé. A sweet for young girls “around blood and enhanced by patchouli and honey sides for a “sweet” effect, says Anne Flipo. And on the boys’ side, “there is a difference between freshness and sensuality, which is the DNA of this perfume, but, let’s say bluntly, in a qualitative way”, thinks Christophe Raynaud. In the opening notes of One million, tangerine and cinnamon, he combines different things: myrrh, iris concrete and patchouli, and a perfume. The result is a real hookah tobacco, with a masculine distinction and a patinated bottle. The smaller the size, the more To be honest… It’s a sign of the times, there’s trouble and the hipster.


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