How Paco Rabanne intends to take everything with his Invictus perfume

When Paco Rabanne releases a perfume, the entire market is on the lookout. It should be said that his most recent international campaigns, One Million and Lady Million, are among the best sellers in the world.

One Million is the spice of all stories. Released in 2008, it reached number one on men’s sales worldwide eight months later. Above all, since 2009, it has been number one in the world, and no perfume can topple it.

For the past few days, the whole perfume industry has been shaken: on July 9, Paco Rabanne announced its new water, Invictus. “We used the same resources as the launch of One Million,” said Jean Holtzmann, global sales director for Paco Rabanne. The budget is kept but in this kind of project it is necessary to calculate tens of millions of investment. In France, the coverage is 100%, which means that the perfume will be distributed in 2,200 points of sale in the French market.

A 45 second commercial

Paco Rabanne has gone all out in media investment with a 45 second long advertising campaign. TV represents 55% of the media budget. This ad is available worldwide. In the summer Invictus will be released in Europe and the Middle East, in the fall it will be available in South America. Since Asia is not a hot country, investment in this region will continue.

Every year, the French market sees the arrival of 400 new wines. An extension that requires a lot of effort. Paco Rabanne wants to play with dreams like having a fortune for One Million, seeing a rock star for his Black XS water or the power and victory for Invictus. Ancient codes for this perfume owe much to the amphora bottle. The poster is part of the atmosphere of a real peplum. Australian footballer Nick Youngquest was chosen to wear the colors of this fragrance.

A concept that requires a limit

“We didn’t want a model, we needed an athlete with Greek stature but with a modern image that shows all the qualities of a successful man”, explains Jean Holtzmann. The amphora, the peplum, the muse, Paco Rabanne takes the idea to the highest level, even if it is caricatured. “We want to die-hard, we take the person back without a touch without leaving anyone behind,” said Jean Holtzmann.

We have to wait until the end of the month to get the first numbers, but the performance will not be measured before the fall. But for Puig the goals are clear: Invictus must place itself in the top 5 of the major markets. The Puig family company, which owns the Paco Rabanne, Nina Ricci and Jean-Paul Gauthier brands, saw an increase in turnover of 11% in 2012 to 1.48 billion euros and achieved a profit 173 million. (+12%). Growth is greatly stimulated by aromatic activities.

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