Hermès perfumes

“Eau d’Hermès”, the revival of culture

“Eau d’Hermès” is the first perfume from the house of Hermès. Made in 1951 by Edmond Roudnitska, inspired by the smell of the inside of an Hermès bag… A mix of citrus scents, spices and floral notes enhanced by spices, wood and leather. Result: a unisex and refined scent.

“Car”, woman at heart

It was the first women’s perfume from Hermès, created in 1961 by Guy Robert. It represents the brand’s background, which can be seen in its logo. This feminine floral-chypre boasts citrus fruits such as bergamot and lemon and delicate florals such as rose and lily of the valley. The whole thing is enhanced by an aldehyde note, as it is famous “No 5” by Chanel.

“Eau d’Orange Verte”, the citrus fruit in its entirety

Tonic and always bright, the orange is present in all its forms: fruits, flowers and leaves. Citrus fruits such as lemon and tangerine are added. The result: water that refreshes but does not lack character due to the presence of patchouli and moss oak. Created in 1979, this eau de toilette has become a Hermès classic.

“24, Faubourg”, a perfume

“A full perfume. An explosion of white flowers, a warmth that surrounds, a triumphant heart”: this is how this perfume is described by the nose of the Hermès house. Jean Claude Ellen. A bright and bright fragrance created in 1995 where notes of bergamot and orange are combined with white flowers and a base of vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood and amber. As for its name, it only produces the number of the house.

“Rouge Hermès”, oriental and simple

This fragrance combines the spirit of the Orient with beautiful flowers such as ylang-ylang and rose and amber message cedars, sandalwood, spices and mastic tape. The color Hermès red, originally created for leather goods, has become a reference. The bottle, of course, gives him a beautiful appreciation.

“A Garden in the Mediterranean”, walk in the land of orange trees

In 2003, “Un Jardin en Méditerranée” launched the “Gardens” series, fragrances that evoke an olfactory walk. This first fragrance invites you to travel to an aromatic land where you will find orange trees, fig trees, red cedars. A garden on the roof”.

“Eau des Merveilles”, a wonderful water

In 2004, the “Eau des Merveilles” surprised with its round bottle sprinkled with stars. The road is also amazing. It includes woody and amber notes such as Peruvian balsam, vetiver and Atlas cedar in the top notes, while the base continues with lemon, bigarade orange and red peppercorns. There is no flower in this water that is sweet and dry, crisp and shiny.

“Terre d’Hermès”, the strength of things

This chypre-woody fragrance created in 2009 features notes such as shiso, flint and benzoin. Results: “Land of Hermes” a woody, herbal and mineral scent. An evocation of the power of the elements for a strong and powerful masculine fragrance that invites you to discover the center of the Earth.

“La Hermès”, like a big flower

This perfume puts women in the spotlight by giving them different flowers. “I want to kiss the hands of the flowers, let everyone wear the flowers they want, smell what they want to smell,” said the creator, Jean-Claude Ellena. The result: a scent that combines green, citrus and floral notes.

“Bel Ami Vetiver”, a new tradition

In 2014, Jean-Claude Ellena reinterpreted a great Hermès song: “Bel Ami”, a perfume that owes its name to Maupassant’s story. Instead of patchouli, it is vetiver that has developed another kind of legendary scent. In the base notes, we find all the beauty of oak moss and leather for a perfect men’s fragrance.

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