Discover the secrets of Lady Million Privé fragrance by Paco Rabanne

From Brazil to France, we have followed the journey of eau de parfum Personal Millionaire Lady by Paco Rabanne. An ultra-gourmet water based on cocoa beans. It’s normal for us to tell you!

We are all thinking about the campaign of Lady Million by Paco Rabanne… A successful perfume in the line, bottle, water, muse… A few months ago, the famous factory announced the birth of his little sister, named after him. Lady Million Privé. A type of cleansing, opulence, a water that is meant to turn the hearts of women around the world! To create this new olfactory opus, the house called on the nose of Anne Flipo, who has many successes in perfumery, including the Lady Million. With this perfume, he chose audacity and added a piece of blood sugar, enhanced with a hint of honey, in his composition. Add the orange blossom, deep, surrounding the notes of wood, raspberry, almond and vanilla and this will give you a water of true femininity. Like its big sister, this perfume in a diamond bottle is a symbol of infinity, refinement, beauty… Everything we love!!! For the fans of the brand, we followed the creation of the perfume. Harvesting, chocolate making, packaging, and more. Find out more by following the steps below and check out our 100% chocolate slideshow!

1. Collection Head to Brazil. Here the pods are harvested from October to March and from May to August. Everything is done by hand, with knives, by specialized botanists. Once harvested, the pods – which can weigh up to 400g each – are split open to release the cluster of bees trapped inside. These are separated and stored in baskets or hessian. They need to ferment for about ten days before being dried in the open, under wooden floors. After these steps, the beans flew to France.

2. Translation It is in Grasse, in the south of France, that this important division takes place. When they arrive, the beans are ground into a powder. When it boils, the fat melts, releasing a small amount of water. Chocolate liquor. This is separated from the rest of the powder because it is the only one involved in the fragrance process. Then, poured into containers and thanks to a solvent extraction process, cocoa absolute is obtained. It takes on average 70 kg of blood powder to produce 1 kg of powder. To select and separate the noble part of the raw material, that is to show the quality and power of the blood, then the solid is “separated” by molecular distillation. It’s like a still image in a movie. This high-tech process makes it possible to choose the most suitable method for the aromatic molecules that we want to preserve. Results? A piece of exceptional quality, called Absolue DM and an exclusive chocolate concession.

3. Water treatment Then, the fragrance begins. “We all remember the smell of hot chocolate, but that’s not the real smell. To use the spice, it is a question of dosage and you should not overdose on sugar. Then you can join everyone. In Personal Millionaire Lady, the chocolate is sexy, present, chic, opulent and qualitative,” he said. Infused with honey patchouli, enhanced for a sweet effect.

4. Done Finally, go to the production line at the Chartres factory, where this golden amber liquid is poured into its diamond bottle. Once filled, the vaporization machine is connected, and then the “diamond” cap is placed. After being sealed according to the rules of the mind, the perfume is ready to reach the market to satisfy all gourmets and other lovers of exotic water.

* Smells good Personal Millionaire Lady, Paco Rabanne, 50ml, €76.95. In perfume shops and stores.

Text Marie-Elise Cobut

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