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What is your eau de toilette to end the summer?

After the cool summer water, the men’s perfume is going back to school. Finally, a better way with more common spices. Not light but more beautiful. So, to help you end summer in style – and smelling good – we’ve got you covered Here’s a look at the men’s fragrances in the news this fall 2017.

1. The force be with you by Giorgio Armani

It’s the perfect perfume. Indeed, Stronger with you should be conceived as a “duo of perfumes”, because it contains a male “for him” and a female “for her” version, baptized the finally Because you.

Both fragrances are considered to be “a tribute to modern men”. It is a visible tribute to the design, because the two hats are composed of rings that are joined together like connected bodies. The O for you, engraved on the bottle, also evokes the wedding symbol of eternal love. Finally, to add a touch of virility to the whole, the curves of the male bottle remember the silhouette (and also the shoulders) of the man.

In addition to the brand,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The energy opens with you with notes of cardamom, pink and violet. After a heart inspired by sage, The perfume surprises with its hints of vanilla and especially… candied chestnut ! Shocking, of course, but also fascinating.

From €49.50

2. Legendary Night by Montblanc

After the release of Emblem Absolu announced at the end of spring, Montblanc returns to write a new chapter in its history. The brand announces the release of Legend Night eau de parfum, created by Antoine Maisondieu and Olivier Pescheux. A duo that has already shown itself, although we owe the producers Bottega Veneta pour Homme, Burberry Brit own or Armani Code in the first and Azzaro pour Homme Intense, Chrome Pure, 1 Million by Paco Rabanne and with the original Montblanc story in the second.

A mysterious scent emerges, very woody, where bergamot contrasts with vetiver and vanilla, where sage stands against lavender and patchouli. To add an element of mystery, Montblanc has swapped its usual black and white color for an amber hue. Is there a way to tell that this fragrance is different from its ancestors?

From €63.95

The Legendary Night by Montblanc

3. Just rock! by Zadig & Voltaire

As the first Armani perfume in this selection, Zadig & Voltaire has conceived a duo of fragrances for this fall 2017. True to its revolutionary nature, the brand offers Just Rock! his and hers.

In a black bottle with marked lines, we find a water made of patchouli (black, of course), mixed with spices, tonka bean and vanilla… black. Not original, this perfume will appeal to Z&V devotees and men who want to prove their style.

From 54 euros

Men's only rock from Zadig et Voltaire

4.Y by Yves Saint Laurent

Y perfume was created by Yves Saint Laurent in 1964. It is a floral women’s perfume. But in 2017, Y has a new eau de toilette for men, designed for the “Y generation”, those millennials born between 1980 and 2000.

The letter Y is prominently displayed on the bottle of this new fragrance, which has been created based on the YSL DNA. Today’s youth have it. To achieve this, the brand has chosen new faces for its advertising campaigns: hip-hop artist Loyle Carner, sculptor David Alexander Flin and artist Alexandre Robicquet. In short, beautiful children are in vogue in 2017!

Released at the end of August 2017

Y by Yves Saint Laurent

5. One Million Monopoly by Paco Rabanne

Nine years after its launch in 2008, One Million by Paco Rabanne remains one of the best men’s fragrances. And one of women’s favorite men’s perfumes! So there is no need to change a winning formula. So, to “do it again”, Paco Rabanne expands the variety of its star eau de toilette. At the dawn of this 2017 school year, an unlimited Monopoly book was born.

Water is unchanged, with its duo of mandarin blood and peppermint in the lead. Follow notes of rose, cinnamon, leather and amber for a heady finish.
On the other hand, the gold ingot in this Monopoly edition is more playful, with two dice engraved on the bottle. So, shall we buy?


One Million Monopoly by Paco Rabanne

6. Pure XS by Paco Rabanne

We stay at Paco Rabanne with the new episode of the Black XS saga. The brand chose to reinterpret its eau de toilette in a more elegant way. Its name: Pure XS. Who wants to translate as “pure excess”.

Emphasize the erotic side – yes, right – of its scent, Paco Rabanne is all about meat, something known for its aphrodisiac properties. Placed in the heart of the fragrance, it eases the connection with a little myrrh, vanilla and woody spices.

Large, multi-faceted bottle takes on a midnight blue color. It is enough to blow the wind of the mysterious body in this new work.

Price: NC

Pure XS (Pure Excess) by Paco Rabanne

7. The Lacoste man

At Lacoste, we are used to seeing the fragrance business expanded with new versions of the emblematic L.12.12. But for the end of summer 2017, the crocodile brand is changing its polo shirt for a better fabric and a perfume with a creative idea: L’Homme Lacoste.

Aside from its unassuming name, this new fragrance stands out for the simplicity of its bottle. Rectangular, smooth. Simple but good. And the water in all this? Designer Michel Girard chose notes of lemon and rhubarb to open the ball, before the aroma and black pepper provide a contrast. The whole thing ends with a combination of woody notes and jasmine for an effect that is more complex than it seems. Well, gentlemen, you shouldn’t rely on appearances!

From 50.90 euros (launch for September 2017)

Lacoste Man Perfume

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