10 Best Men’s Perfumes

who said so the perfume The role of women?
Our husbands love it too.

Although sales of fragrances have decreased slightly over the past two years (source PremiumBeautyNews), men’s fragrances have seen a steady or even increase in sales.

It is an important value of seduction, or coquetry: perfumes for men are therefore always a safe bet.

But what are the best selling men’s perfumes?
We tell you everything!

Oriental men’s perfumes, herbs and spices are the best

Among the religious spices for menwe see the great, the incomparable, the invincible.

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Male, with its hood covered in a sailor shirt, was the designer’s first fragrance.
This oriental with notes of fern, lavender, peppermint and bergamot surprises with its many qualities.
It’s not meant to offend men… and women!

One Million by Paco Rabanne it is one of the best perfumes for men.
This spicy herb is popular for its notes of amber, peppermint and mandarin, but also for its hue in the form of a golden ingot.
In the absence of reality, Paco Rabanne gives us the opportunity to dream…

Land of hermes We don’t need to introduce you to this woody-chypre with notes of orange, grapefruit and benzoin that seduced us, and our husbands too!

Finally, The Only SoldierDiesel’s star fragrance and its blend of lemon, mandarin, violet and cedar are some of the best fragrances in the men’s industry.

What are the new florals and fragrances for men?

Floral scents are not just for women.
For a long time now, the male perfume comfort themselves to give us the aromas of spices to knock…

Among the best perfumes, we find:

Dior is for men. A woody floral with notes of musk, lavender, sage, amber and patchouli.
It’s a classic scent, all at once!

In the same house, we have Wild watera perfume born in 1966 is eternal, masculine and… eternal.

At Chanel, Le Bleu has been the most successful perfume since its release.
A smell fresh which perfectly combines notes of rose, lemon, orange, grapefruit and peppermint.

The best-selling perfume at Hugo Boss?
Famous Boss Bottled.
A trans-generational fragrance that fascinates us with its new herbal composition.

The House Yves Saint Laurenthe puts everything in the way he smells The night of man.
With its floral musky notes, this is one of the best men’s fragrances.

Finally, and this is the latest, Invictus by Paco Rabanne it is one of the best sellers in the men’s fragrance industry.
A perfume made for invincible men, who want to win.

floral male perfumes

If you don’t know what perfume to choose for a man, you have all the keys to find it!

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