The secret life and first secret of the perfume Chanel N°5

The famous perfume Chanel N°5 turns 100 this year, but it’s much older than you think. “Catherine’s Bouquet” was a name that was taken about 10 years before it was adopted by Chanel in 1921.

In Wait a minute!, Sidonie Bonnec interested in the history of the famous perfumer Chanel No. 5 invented in 1921. He celebrates his 100 years this year, but another few know find out a secret about this branded products : He has one the first life is foolishness, after he worked in 1913 in Moscow. of the journalist and the author Marie-Dominique Lelievre invited on the show, he raised the curtain on the secret of the most famous bottles by showing its true story.

A perfume created in 1913 in Moscow

The perfume Chanel N°5, or its original version, is made of perfume 1913 at Moscow over there Rlet house. This company offers the Russian imperial family In time, it is possible to describe the most beautiful side of the product. this is Ernest Beaux who created it, a Frenchman born in Moscow.

“Catherine’s Bouquet”, the first life of Chanel N°5

When purchased from Moscow after 1913, the perfume was called “Catherine’s bouquet“. It’s a business failure : the product is available no progress. After the Russian revolutionthe scent group Combination returned to live in France, more precisely in Grasse. But not the winner, the bottle name change for “Team Number 1“, unsuccessfully.

According to Marie-Dominique LelievreErnest Beaux overdosed on a 5 in aldehyde what is possibleremove the fat translations of real molecules but bring “a soap page, a little side laundry which cannot be satisfied“.

A _special spices_because it is high in aldehyde who gives him a special situation and maybe it did not very popular by the time.

A gift for Coco Chanel customers

In the time of Coco Chanel accept the fragrance by Ernest Beaux at 1920he first thought of using it as a Christmas present for his customers. He didn’t intend to sell it much less to the public.

Gabrielle Chanel first search for “a wake up call itself“: This is the case of number 5. Marie-Dominique Lelievre Explain: “The perfumes he smelled, when he was a young woman who is starting in life, the perfumes of demi-mondaines who is monofloral perfumes very strong power and very much courage.”

have got the whole show Wait a minute! from Thursday, March 18, 2021 here discover all the secrets of the famous bottle, in the company of Sidonie Bonnec and expertise Marie-Dominique Lelievre, journalist and author of the book “Le N°5 de Chanel. No biography allowed” in Stock.

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