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Paco Rabanne with a million, the best perfume for men in 2010

By choosing a perfume for Jules, you will find that men’s perfume collections are full, especially if you choose specific events such as Father’s Day, Christmas Eve (for those who know or Valentine’s Day.

These trends show that the men’s fragrance segment has performed well since 2010 and is seeing better growth than women’s products, due to an increase of 3.6% was recorded. women.

Out of a turnover of 32 million achieved with the sale of men’s skin care products, men’s perfumes were sold for a total of 638 million euros in 2010..

We have already mentioned the specific events that need to be compared: not only in time in the television commercials promoting perfumes that follow each other until the end of the year, because This is the most important time for the perfume industry. register at least ¼ of its annual sales for the month of December alone.

8th place for Father's Day on the list of the best-selling perfumes of 2010
8th place for Father’s Day on the list of the best-selling perfumes of 2010

It should be noted that in the 2010 list of the ten best selling weeks for perfumes, Father’s Day is in 8th place.

Therefore, men will not be reduced to a perfume sector that is looking for more stores and is focusing on the volume of sales of cosmetics and care products to satisfy the total amount that can reach the year 2010 about 2 .84 billion euros.

If you want to be inspired by the best selling perfumes in 2010 to choose a new perfume for Jules or for dear father, take a look at the podium of the three best perfumes this year: The third place occupied by the Dior brand with Eau sauvage _ remember that Dior also appears in the 2010 ranking of best-selling perfumes for women with J’Adore second place went to Jean-Paul Gaultier with the famous Le Male, and we find finally at the head of the number one million of Paco Rabanne.

All we can hope for this new perfume business is to continue its success by looking at the growth of its turnover in the sale of real estate, supported by an appreciable amount of sales in a section of maintenance products.


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