Fragrances: “made in France” 10 fragrances

number 5, Chanel, 1921

It is a true history of perfumes “made in France” that celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. ” Women’s perfume with women’s perfume » signed Ernest Beaux for Gabrielle Chanel, Number 5 He built his success on audacity: a different group of aldehydes. Very new at the time, these synthetic molecules with a rising metallic scent melt into the parts of a jasmine flower, ylang ylang and rose and turn it into a smart and modern abstraction. Baptism with her favorite number, Gabrielle Chanel gave Number 5 a name that speaks for itself. Inspired by an endless list of other ingredients, the best perfume in the world remains, at the end of 2019, No. 6 in France, No. 5 in China and No. 9 in the United States. A product from its brand is sold every 5 seconds around the world… That’s what we call a living story.

For the man of Karon, of Karon, 1934. It would be an understatement to say that the first perfume marketed as “men’s” in history was a big deal. In addition to this flash of marketing genius, the perfumer and founder of Caron, Ernest Daltroff, thought of a revolutionary way by marrying lavender, fresh and stimulating, filled with virile connotations, and vanilla, especially associated with mistresses … Between strength and softness, power and restraint, It belongs to the people of Karon became the name of famous people, from Jacques Chirac to James Dean, Hedi Slimane, Tom Ford or Serge Gainsbourg, who dedicated a song to him. One of the most unique flowers on the market, Caron’s best seller is a French statue, which is exported to Saudi Arabia, where the king likes it. Dr

red dress, Guerlain, 1965

In the early 1960s, few men’s perfumes dared to enter the olfactory territory of a genre reserved for women. And so on red dress come. Inspired by the equestrian universe, its path combines notes of leather and undergrowth with a floral heart supported by a rich, rich and velvety amber. The first great male oriental in history, he paved the way for a virility that does not refuse any pleasure. Sean Connery, Keith Richards and Robert Redford were among his followers, helping to carry out his French deception and cleaning up their countries.

Wild water, Dior, 1966

Fifty-five years after its release, it is one of the great favorites of the French, but also of the Italians. Eau Sauvage should be mentioned It is the work of a perfumer who is considered the greatest of the last century: Edmond Roudnitska. And his music shows a simple beauty that transcends cultures and trends. The attack is fresh, very clean, combining citrus fruits with a bouquet of aromatic notes like eau de Cologne. Then the path becomes chypre, infused with the strength of patchouli and vetiver in a seductive chic. Like Alain Delon, who has presented himself in two of his campaigns, this perfume brings the pinnacle of French beauty beyond our borders. Dr

Kouros, Yves Saint Laurent, 1981

The 80s were rowdy and crazy, and so was their scent! At Yves Saint Laurent, even women praised a scandalous perfume called Opium, Gentlemen sprinkle themselves with wax more often. Because under its surrounding of the purest fern with tones of lavender and soap, Kouros animal hide, animals, and dirty dirt. Legend has it that Yves Saint Laurent wanted to recreate the scent of leaves after a night of love… Pierre Bourdon, who signed for the couturier what would become a great success, explains of course “one of the most daring ones [lui] was given to work“. The tools of that time were two!

the man, Jean-Paul Gaultier, 1995

Who has not walked the path, seen at a glance, the best seller of Jean Paul Gaultier? Signed by a young immigrant – Francis Kurkdjian, who became famous -, The manreproduces the virile accord par excellence, “fern”, whose notes of lavender and coumarin evoke the foam. The couturier wanted to bury his first couple in a small shop. All the genius of the perfumer is the refinement of this olfactory archetype that is well-established in the unmixed: mint and anise for freshness, musks galore for sweetness. Strong and convincing, this perfume and its sailor bottle, ballsy from every side, have been famous for a long time: to this day, 5 bottles are sold every minute in the world whole. Dr

PhilosykosDiptych, 1996

In Paris, the parties of the year 2000 smelled of figs … We must thank the perfumer Olivia Giacobetti for this, who was the first to create a contract combining the herbal notes of the fig tree with the green tones of its leaves and milk. and the sweet sounds of its fruit. Wrapped in sweet musks, this is born at Philosykos , a fragrance slowly promoted by the insiders of Diptyque – a secretive brand at the time – by word of mouth (or nose, if you prefer). The theme of the fig, on the other hand, caught on quickly: the olfactory symbol of the Parisian designer store Colette, spread like wildfire in the fragrances of the turn of the millennium. Perhaps to celebrate a “pure” nature of the 90s, while showing that the era of gourmet will not take long to impose itself.

Land of Hermes, Hermes, 2006

There are few perfumes that we see every day, on people of all ages and all walks of life. Land of hermes this is one of them. This couple – the first from the Parisian saddle for almost twenty years – quickly climbed the podiums and did not leave them: he is one of the five best-selling couples in France in 2020. the recipe for his success ? A hint of grapefruit and bergamot softens a woody scent with smoky notes and leather, giving one of its best looks so far in a men’s fragrance: vetiver. An instantly recognizable signature, created by the excellent Jean Claude Ellena. Dr

Geranium for Sir, Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle, 2009

When he keeps his promises, the unique perfumer offers something different to the so-called “mainstream”, which is often worried about the pleasure in the greatest number to really get wet. When the niche is starting to become popular, Geranium for Mr. provide proof of this by example. Signed by Dominique Ropion, a long-time colleague of Frédéric Malle, his master dares to use directly a note of mint whose verbal expressions always scare the brands and their creators. Here, its new strength is the gateway to a flower and perfume combining geranium with incense and musks. Hiding behind its surprising style is classicism without a false message, it remains a safe choice in the Parisian perfume editor.

Iliahi 33, The Lab, 2011

At the end of 2015, the New York Times Style Magazine published an article entitled ” That smell you smell everywhere (“this perfume you can smell everywhere”). It’s a fact: from New York to Paris, London to Los Angeles, nothing stops the riseSandalwood 33.Created by Frank Voelkl, it’s a smoky, leathery scent enhanced with sweet notes. A strong fragrance, but not yet successful, worn by celebrities, from Justin Bieber to Alexa Chung. Le Labo, a brand founded in 2006 by two former L’Oréal employees and bought in 2014 by the Estée Lauder company,Sandalwood 33that is the essence of true religion. It is, without a doubt, one of the biggest successes of a secret perfume… not so secret. Dr

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