Features and music from the 1 million Paco Rabanne 2019 ad

This fall of 2019, the house Paco Rabanne gives us a new advertisement for his popularity 1 million perfumes. In the Rapper’s Delight songsix young people of different backgrounds shake their hips, snap their fingers.

Paco Rabanne perfume announced 1 million & Lady million 2019

For million dollar businessesthis picture was shot black and white.

For more than a minute, 6 young people, boys and girls, dance with hand clapping. Everyone was dressed very nicely and clearly there to party. Also, we think that teenagers are popular because, at the beginning of the campaign, the photographers take pictures of them.

In this new ad for 1 Million & Lady Million fragrance by Paco Rabannesigns of wealth and beauty follow each other, starting with the diamondbrand of One Million & Lady Million Paco Rabanne perfume.

Then the leader domino game with golden keys, increasing the close-ups of the jewels used by the six characters, show us wine carts, poker cards, a shopping cart filled with gold keys. In short, everything in this new Paco Rabanne campaign is beautiful.

Believe in yourself. Join the Millionaire Nation. BIG DREAM. BYE BYE. A MILLION THOUGHTS: ADD IT WITH THE SAP OF YOUR MIND.

Paco Rabanne

However, This image is a message. Of course, we know which actors are nominated for stands for the Nation of Millions men and women are equal, black and white. At Paco Rabanne, everyone has access to success, wealth and prestige.

What is the music in the ad?

of the song from Paco Rabanne’s one millionth campaign it’s music Rapper’s Happiness of the company The Sugarhill Company. In this case, Rapper’s Delight was the first single of the American hip hop group. And forty years later, this song is still in everyone’s memories.

In this episode released in 1979 the songs by Wonder Mike, Hank and Master Gee promote parties with friends, dancing and socializing.

With the same music “Me, the valley and my friends, we will try to move your legs” or otherwise “I want to love blacks, whites, reds and pinks, purples and yellows”, their words are very clear. A message that is perfect for this new campaign for Paco Rabanne 1 Million & Lady Million perfumes.

Who are the models and dancers?

In the advertisements for this fall 2019, there are a legion of new faces.

And at Paco Rabanne, after Jordan Barrett and Sophia Ahrens, new muses are joining in.

In this Million Nation music video by Oliver Hadlee PearchWe know the top black models Londone Myers, Alton Mason and Joey Bada$$.

Dree Hemingway in Paco Rabanne's 1 millionth campaign
A big change of direction for Dree Hemingway

To go with them, the manufacturer chose the Russian high school senior Simona Kustsupermodel and actress Drew Hemingway – who surprised us with a new haircut – and the American actor and model Levi Dylan

…But that name sounds familiar, right?! Bob Dylan’s grandson is like no other!

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