DIY beauty tips from ELLE beauty experts

Our beauty experts from ELLE’s 45 editions around the world share their best DIY beauty recipes with you. To pamper yourself from head to toe, all you have to do is open your cupboard and prepare your meals from simple and natural ingredients. Let the magic happen!

For a glowing face

“If you suffer from hormonal acne during your period, prepare a turmeric face mask to soothe and clear the skin. Measure one teaspoon each of: raw honey, organic turmeric powder and organic yogurt. Combine them and put the preparation on the face. Wash off with warm water after 10 to 15 minutes. »

Marie-Noëlle Vekemans/ELLE Belgium

“This mask soothes the skin and restores its radiance. I mix the soil with lavender and immortelle hydrosol instead of water, then I add a teaspoon of honey. »

Petra Windschurer / ELLE Slovenia

“A simple and final step for an instant glow: put an ice cube on the skin of your eyes, and the red will become more important. »

Kamna Malik / SHE India

“To reveal hydrated and clean skin, prepare a mask-scrub combination with these two ingredients: coconut oil and sugar. To do this, do not melt the oil. Instead, wipe it clean. Then stir in the sugar to make a thick paste. Apply it to the skin and leave it for about 5 minutes. Then, massage the body with circular movements for about 30 seconds. Wash. »

Mallika Boonyuen / SHE Thailand

“I love the new Swedish name Foreo Imagination, it’s a cream mask base to make at home. Combine with turmeric, it really brightens the skin. »

Carin Hellman / ELLE Sweden

“For silky smooth skin, my favorite DIY recipe is sea salt and raw honey”

Younie Tsang / ELLE Hong Kong

For a soft body

“For real body exfoliation, mix 60 g of white, black or sugar and 30 g of olive oil in a bowl. Add the zest of a good lemon. If you have lemon oil by hand, add five drops and mix well. Apply to wet skin in small circles, without pressure, so as not to damage the skin. Remember to clean your skin well afterwards (restore to the rest of him after this little outrage). »

Arlette Barrionuevo/ELLE America

“A few years ago, I was looking for the best care product for my baby… I bought the most expensive products, then I asked my doctor for advice. He recommended sunflower oil or olive oil for only five euros, which was the best advice I ever received! Without fragrance and care, nature in its purest form, like my granddaughter. »

Anna Machova/ELLE Czech Republic

For your feet and hands

“Sometimes I put coconut oil on my cut or dry feet and toes at night. It is very nutritious, and it smells delicious. »

Jennifer George/ELLE UK

“To clean dry, itchy skin, fill your bathtub with warm water, add three tablespoons of baking soda to the water, and mix well. Soak your feet in the water for 10 minutes. Great for tired, tired feet, especially after Fashion Week! »

Dina Kabbani/ELLE Middle East

For good intentions

What to do at the beach: Put two tablespoons of rice starch in a small bottle of water to wash the salt from the face, décolleté and other areas. It is also good for babies. »

Michela Motta / ELLE Italy

“There is a lot of coconut oil. As a body oil, hair serum or shaving balm, I use it for everything. »

Shanice Zoeteweij/ELLE Netherlands

“To relax and sleep easily, I put a drop of lavender oil between my eyebrows and on my wrists when I go to bed. »

Suzan Yurdacan / ELLE Turkey

“For an invigorating bath, put five drops of essential oils of bergamot, wild orange, rosemary and frankincense in a tablespoon of oil. »

Monika Fodor / ELLE Hungary

For beautiful hair

“To lighten dark hair with walnut shells, I have an old recipe from a friend who lives in Provence. Their natural shade brings light to the hair when it is dark. If you have a walnut tree in the countryside, take some seeds and freeze them for two or three days. Then mix 1/4 of this with 3/4 of water and yogurt to get leave it for 30 min to 3 hours on the hair (but not more than an hour the first time), it depends on the desired strength. »

Elisabeth Martorell/ELLE France

“For healthy hair, mix egg yolk with a tablespoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of lemon juice, then apply to dry hair. Leave the mask for an hour (or overnight) , then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. »

Joanna Lorynowicz / ELLE Poland

“To cleanse your scalp, add a teaspoon of sugar to your regular shampoo twice a month, and use this preparation as a detox scrub, even if your scalp is oily. My hair loves it and feels better after washing it. »

Rozina Kouri/ELLE Greece

“To add shine to dark hair, mix equal parts of honey, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. Apply the mixture to wet hair and leave for 20 to 30 minutes, then shampoo and wash well. This mask gives a glow and helps to correct the color. »

Barbara Huber/ELLE Germany

“Apply olive oil to the ends of your hair to keep it clean. I recommend leaving it on for 15 minutes and then washing your hair thoroughly. »

Blanca Gonzalez Rufino/ELLE Spain

“For very dry hair, like mine, use a weekly mask made of different oils: coconut, avocado, olive, argan… I use it before going to bed, and I leave it’s for the night. »

Gabriela Calitoiu/ELLE Romania

“In order to regenerate your curls at any time of the day, always have water in your handbag. It’s a miracle! »

Pedro Camargo / ELLE Brazil


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