Christine Nagel, the nose of Hermès perfumes

The magnolia may have been in bloom for a few days. Soon, in the park of the Venetian villa, it is the time of the pittosporums, these evergreen trees whose branches keep the pearly waters of the lagoon. But in the “a happy January day” Christine Nagel first entered this abandoned garden on Giudecca Island.

The park was designed by an English master, the landscape gardener Frederick Eden, in 1884. Its many acres, marked by cypresses, now belong to the Friedensreich Hundertwasser Foundation, which is hard to take care of them. Despite the writings dedicated to this area frequented by authors Marcel Proust, Rainer Maria Rilke and Henry James, the public cannot enter the Garden of Eden. Mto me Nagel was able to open the doors. He inspired her with a scent: A garden by the sea. Distributed in a bottle, the Garden of Eden can be found by as many people as possible for about forty euros.

So much for a little story behind the latest creation from Hermès. With this perfume, it was he who brought Jean-Claude Ellena, in 2016, as director of production and olfactory heritage at Hermès Parfums, two years after his company with him, marking his eleventh work since 2016. in the main after Galop, an oriental woman (olfactory family) released this year, L’Eau des Merveilles Bleue, with marine accents, in of 2017, and Twilly, a tuberose that was released two years ago.

Eleven jobs in three years. A little, a lot? I have no pressure », confirms Christine Nagel, during an interview on the side of the promotion of this water The world was invited in early February. A bottle of Un jardin sur la lagune is available in stores. In mid-March, it was released in New York. This new water should help Hermès expand globally.

A microcosm of men

The company had 5.96 billion euros in turnover in 2018. Its income is close to the highest; Its operating margin reached 34.3%. The Perfume, a luxury creation that the brand was founded in 1951, offers this. Soon, it’s time for make-up. Indeed, a range will be released in 2020. For the time being, perfumes are sold (69 in total) representing only 5% of the world production of the prestigious French company. However, they are progressing at breakneck speed (+9% in 2018, after +10% in 2017).

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