With the name, Le Couvent reflects the quality of the style

Drawing on his daily life and his extraordinary insight into the world of SpicesJean Claude Ellena is building a new collection that gives pride of place to plants.

Jean Claude Ellena x Le Couvent

He is one of the most famous perfume masters. ‘Declaration’ by Cartier, ‘Elixir des Merveilles’ by Hermès, ‘In Love Again’ by Yves Saint Laurent, ‘Terre d’Hermès’ – and many others – it is. Aromatic field Maison Hermès for 14 years, Jean-Claude Ellena is the director of olfactory work at the perfume house Le Couvent since 2019. In the House, he has developed 3 collections: Botanical eau de parfum, eau de parfum Singular and Remarkable Eau de Perfume. In 2021, La Maison de Parfum expanded with the launch of the signature collection.

A collection of prestigious names

At the heart of these innovations? Nature’s wonders! “I remember when I was young, I was more interested in synthetic fragrances than natural ones.said the prolific Master Perfumer. The products of nature by their complexity have imposed themselves and there is no room for the mind to only see and can express itself at a distance (…). Today (…) I have a joy, a joy, that I had forgotten, working with natural things ». A journey in line with a position of love for the brand – confirmed again in 2017 – related to green and vegan trends, to introduce its works in the form of niche and popular fragrances to give the best spices.

Therefore, in the Signature Collection unveils 3 first elixirs designed around absolutes – scent obtained from the plant, which is the highest level of fragrance -. Tuberosa, a beautiful floral fragrance that celebrates sun-drenched tuberoses; Mimosa, a bright powdery flower, is an ode to Cabris, a small village on the heights of Grasse, dear to the heart of Albert Camus; Ambra – which surrounds the spicy amber – plays in one of the most popular combinations in Perfumery, vanilla and labdanum resin, to make it lower.

Tuberose, Mimosa, Amber. The Convent of Aroma. € 139 each for 100 ml. Available in 10 ml at a price of 16 €

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