This shipyard repurposes old sailboats into unique accommodations

They have traveled the oceans, explored the sea for over 40 years and have a sense of adventure in them. On their hull at the end of his life, you can read the stories of their captain. In France, there are more than 300,000 pleasure boats that are slowly changing into ships. Polyester boats contributed to the rise of recreational boating in the 60s, but today they are no longer sold and destroying them involves many costs, including environmental costs. The Bathô shipyard, a social enterprise, transforms them into a unique habitat for responsible tourism and a circular economy that breathes the sea breeze. An activity born in Loire-Atlantique In 2017, the department of Loire-Atlantique launched the “Let’s invent sustainable tourism”, a call for projects to “support the leaders of the project implemented in a Good and local tourist route, accessible to all , respecting its environment and enhancing the natural wealth and heritage of the Loire-Atlantique” marks the company. “He searched [le département] to develop a new way of traveling by car, on foot, on horseback or by boat”, said Didier Toqué, founders of the Bathô shipyard, before adding “Our answer: we can return the ships in the end. Their life in the country and put them down every 30 kilometers, on circular roads. The Bathô boat house was the winner of the competition in October 2017. Towns, camps, castles and people were immediately attracted to these traditional houses. Property tax regulations for buildings. Transform before destroying the view of Bathô is a guide: “1 million pleasure boats registered in France, 80% of the fleet over 40 years, the average age of owners over 65, young people don’t want to be owners. uberization of jobs, and thousands of yachts…

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