This French perfume was used by Johnny Hallyday… He used 1 liter a day

This June 15, Johnny Hallyday celebrated his 79th birthday. It’s been almost five years since the singer left us at the age of 74 in 2017. The rocker continues to the life he left behind and the memories etched in the hearts of his fans.

What scent is associated with Taulier? Babeth Etienne, the second wife of Johnny Hallyday, revealed some little-known details about their love story in her biography. I remember us published on December 2, 2020. He reveals that when he shared the life of Johnny Hallyday, he perfumed himself withWild water by Dior, a way clean and strong, hard and fresh “, says the house. This signature citrus flower combines San Carlo Bergamot with a strong touch of Hedione, which ” velvety floral with an assertive chypre scent “. In the year 2000, Johnny Hallyday gave his face to an advertisement. His face is attached to the slogan ” Be careful with bed water “. In the columns of N°98 of October 1970 of Hello friendswe learned that Johnny Hallyday always carries a bottle of eau de toilette in his pocket Dior.

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It was water that he applied

Stock images shared by the internet loverocknroll shows Johnny Hallyday in 1961 in a make-up salon of the rue Coqnacq-Jay salon in Paris. The singer has an important tradition behind his performances on stage: ” Johnny Hallyday has a legendary history of having a big blowout during his concert. Also, to relax at the end of her singing tour, her handyman, secretary and healer Hugues Borel, rubbed the singer’s back with a famous cologne missing since then, Raphael is for men. “The man holds this bottle in his hand like a pin to hold the water” Young, fresh, sound, stable “.

Well informed, the site reminds the writer and producer Michel Beaufort to release the sweat of his fellow rocker and share an anecdote on this topic: ” When he reached his dressing room, he tore off his shirt, which the sweat had made into precious clothes, and gave himself into the hands of his guardians. It was always a struggle that got him a good idea… »

Later, Johnny Hallyday replaced Raphael is for men by theNew Eau de Cologne by Christian Dior. Patricia Viterbo, who shared the rocker’s life, told the press that she used ” a liter a day “.

According to many websites, Johnny Hallyday is also involved in the perfumeIt belongs to mancloud Because we areanother Cologne, a cunning alliance of a fine plant from Haute-Provence and a perfume on a background of amber, wood, cedar and musk “. At the heart of his work? Intoxicating lavender and sweet vanilla.

Eau Sauvage – Christian Dior – €69 for 50 ml

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