The secrets of Azzaro perfume

From the volcanoes of Guatemala to Strasbourg, the plant makes an exciting journey to get to Wanted, Azzaro’s new husband.

Brought from India to Guatemala a hundred years ago, cardamom grows in the Alta Verapaz region, one of the richest, but also the poorest in the country. In the heart of the volcano, where some volcanoes and smoke are constantly emitting, the nose of Wanted, Fabrice Pellegrin of the perfume house Firmenich, digs this green fruit with the ” Sweet, delicious, sweet, fresh and zesty”.

A sports collector
From September to April, thirty-five thousand people, mostly women, will vote. Before the sun burned the black stone with a thousand thorns, they climbed, in flip-flops and colorful pieces, the slopes of the farms dedicated to Nelixia, one of the high cost of oil. Crouching for six hours in a row at the foot of the tall plants, they hold the creepers that carry the precious cerezas. Then, with the booty on their heads, they return to their village, hoping that the “coyote” (as the traders call it) will want their precious harvest. within forty-eight hours. Because before that, the card is good enough to discard.
Old fashioned drying
After collecting their collection in bags, the coyotes gave it to the dryer Vinicio Kress. The cardamom is refined there at 50 ° C for forty-eight hours, in ovens made of wood – in order to preserve the original forest – and then separated under the control of a good editor. Once sealed, the seeds are ready to sell to producers and consumers.
Eco-responsible translation
Ultra-demanding, Elsa and Jean-Marie Maizener, of the Nelixia company, only buy from Vinicio the best of their work to make their essential oils. The cardamom bark and seeds are crushed and then ground into pods from which the dark yellow fruit oozes. Before being sealed in cans, this essential oil is seen to ensure that it meets the requirements of the customers, in this case Fabrice Pellegrin, the nose of Wanted. Concerned about sustainable development, Nelixia uses its green waste to produce biogas, the main source of energy. And spend money on many activities for the community.
Packaging made in Francewould be
Change of country. Direction CosmEurop in Strasbourg, the Clarins-Azzaro factory. The water created by Fabrice Pellegrin will have its light clothes there. Once weighed, tested and mixed with alcohol, it is produced at the rate of two thousand bottles per hour. The plates, frets and caps are installed by hand, then a robot “auscultates” the bottles, affixes the labels, draws the notices, makes the case and, zou! release the elixir into its containers. Packed in boxes, these are sent by truck to the distribution center in Amiens. Ready to conquer the men’s world! (Eau de parfum 50 ml, €56.95, in perfumery and professional stores).

Under the high bar
When it is harvested, the wastes containing the precious seeds are distributed under the supervision of the gun. A 45 kg bag represents two months’ worth, it is not unusual for the sellers, called “coyotes”, to be loaded on slopes, sometimes in dry factories!

Text Anne-Marie Cattelain Le Dû.

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