Rosa ‘Fraise des Bois’, a rose bush with unopened flowers: planting, care

The rose ‘Fraise des Bois’ (Rosa ‘Wild Strawberry’) is not insignificant, as its origin is unknown: in fact, it was discovered in the Netherlands, by the members of the group “La Cinquième Saison” whose goal is to rehabilitate the fallow farms. In fact, in 2007, some members visited a well-preserved wasteland, where they found blood-red flower buds. After clearing the forest to allow us to see it properly, the nurse Floria Thauvin asked part of the tour about cultivation.

Won and the rosebush ‘Wild Strawberry’ was baptized in 2010, according to the tradition of roses. Although its origin is unknown to this day, it can be obtained from the sale of the rose plant.

The spread of the forest shows that it is a common source with the rosebush ‘The Fairy’, because it forms a ground cover, forest, but sometimes it is suitable as a tree for the length of its roots that can be placed. Its leaves are bronze blue.

Its atypical flower gives it its originality: in fact, its bright red buds, collected in bunches, not flowers, they remind the shape and color of wild strawberries, hence its name. Flowering is long (more than a month), then the buds dry and fall.

  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Type: perennial rose
  • Origin: unknown
  • Color: Rose Red
  • Sow: no
  • Cut: no
  • Planting: fall or spring
  • Flowering: May-June then August-September
  • Height: 0.5 to 1 m (1 m flat)

The right soil and identification for the rosebush ‘Fraise des Bois’

The ‘Fraise des Bois’ rose thrives in full sun in well-drained soil.

Planting date of the rosebush ‘Fraise des Bois’

It is best to plant this rose in the fall, but it can be suitable in the spring.

Council of the care and culture of the rosebush ‘Fraise des Bois’

Remove faded flower buds to encourage the formation of new “wood friezes” in late summer.

Diseases, pests and parasites of the rose ‘Fraise des Bois’

Blackheads can affect the foliage of the ‘Fraise des Bois’ rose in the spring.

Location and good company of the rosebush ‘Fraise des Bois’

It is a rose with a wild appearance, which can be attached to beds or borders, with grasses, ferns, perennials or other flowers to give a natural touch. Its ground cover ability allows it to fill a flower bed.

Types and varieties of Rosa are recommended for planting in the garden

Genre Rose There are about 150 species, including botanical roses, such as the musk rose (Rosa moschata), and several thousand cultivars. Different types of roses can be divided into 3 main types of roses: modern roses, old roses and English roses.

The rose ‘Fraise des Bois’ (Rosa ‘Wild Strawberry’) is “out of range”!

(Photo: Francia Thauvin, Nurseryman-Rozierian)

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