Pas-de-Calais: murder of Chanel, a 12-year-old schoolgirl, after being bullied at school.

Chanel is 12 years old. He killed himself on Thursday September 30 at his home in Frévent, near Arras, in Pas-de-Calais. His family told him French Blue Northit’s being bullied at school.

being bullied in college

Chanel is the youngest of the family. He has five sisters and one brother. His family found him dead at his home on September 30. “We were at our mother’s house. We went shopping, the mother asked him if he wanted to come, he said no. My brother heard it, it was upstairs, the dog heard it, came down he was down, saw Chanel, tried to save her … “, two of his sisters told The voice of the North.

Aged 12, and educated in the 5th grade, Chanel was abused at her Pierre-Cuallacci school in Frévent. “To go to school, he cried easily. He said he had back pain, but that was often a reason for not going to school, especially sports, because many children who doesn’t want to join him”, his older sister told him. French Blue.

He said he had back pain, but that was the reason he didn’t go to school.

“I think he felt guilty, but did not talk about it. However, we are a very close family, we see each other all the time”, added his family in The voice of the North.

Her sister Lindsay said, “After Chanel’s death, there are still people saying bad things about her. How can these heartless people come and do this to her? things? The torture, more than we want Chanel to rest in peace, but there is anger. …”

Asked by the local press, the university official did not respond. A listening group was created by the Lille Academy in the Cuallacci school, and an urn intended for the family, pointing to the land every day.

Organized against violence

A memorial service for Chanel will be held on Wednesday October 6 at 10 am in front of Frévent School. A “vocal tribute to honor family mourning”. The family of Chanel wants to make this company a real call with the slogan “Stop harassment”.

The family is asked to come in a white shirt with this same letter. There is a kitty online to help them.

As a reminder, 3020 is the national number against school bullying. More information is available on the website of the Department of National Education.

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