Paco Rabanne Phantom 2021 ad: music and visuals

Android design, revolution, connection and responsibility, the Paco’s new perfume
released to the public. The advertisement for this new racy elixir, signed by the undisputed master of men’s perfume, shows the wonders of genius. Between special effects, models in haute couture clothes and stylized make-up, the campaign for Phantom is retro-futuristic.

Phantom: the futuristic campaign for Paco Rabanne’s new men’s fragrance

The advertisement for the new Paco Rabanne is called PHANTOM opened with the arrival of the chosen model as muse. Nothing less than an airplane sets the tone of the campaign: futurism. Behind the star that starts the evening where robots, humanoids and people rub shoulders: the Phantom bottle.

The new way for men Paco Rabanne a fluid imprisoned in a case of futurism. In a “high-tech” bottle in chromed metal and robotic style, the scent of the famous perfume calls for modernity and an avant-garde vision of our generation. In a crazy atmosphere where the party is full, we see how differences come together to create a new harmony… a balance. A note to highlight the creative side of this new fragrance?

What is the music in the ad?

For his campaign unveiling his new fragrance for men, Paco Rabanne chose a retro hit: You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) of the artist Sylvester. The song was released with lyrics suitable for broadcast in 1978 on the album Table II. This disco-sounding song, which will make you want to go wild on the dance floor, is what propelled Sylvester to the front of the stage and made him famous.

Sylvester is an American soul and disco singer who released ideas in the 70s. Before the records of the time, he did not hesitate to show his androgynous style and promote the benefits of the men. He has also played boldly many times in his songs by addressing the theme of sexuality in an unmasked manner. He died in 1988 on his way to success from complications of HIV.

Who is the model of this Paco Rabanne ad?

For Paco Rabanne’s Phantom campaign, the brand’s choice fell on the Slovak model David Trulik. Arranged in the top 50 of prestigious models at only 23 years old, this young prodigy on the catwalks is a compendium of talents that designers are looking for. After walking for Dior, Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton among others, David Trulik has become the new face on the Versace catwalks. He also runs ads for Zara, which he is familiar with.

We also understand during the location the characteristics ofIssa Lish, the Mexico-Japan model qualifies as a negative quality model due to its physical nature. The latter is known for walking for Alexander Wang, Balmain, Marc Jacobs or Givenchy. We know it too Christina Greece a Russian model of Lithuanian origin known for being Prada’s muse, but the experts Petra KubkovaCzech model with face.

The related spice 1

Paco Rabanne’s Phantom perfume is a love song to the world. Between the choice of a futuristic style, the use of AI to create a related perfume and with the combination of watery elements (vetiver, lavender, lemon, vanilla), we come very close. Indeed, Paco Rabanne decided to go further by creating a perfume that allows men to open another world. The Phantom connects directly to the user’s phone using an NFC chip and you can play games, use filters or experiment with augmented reality.

The Phantom perfume has an important feature: it can be refilled. So the bottle can be kept ad vitam aeternam, which is good news for the world.

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