LIDL is hard again, the brand has copied the scent of a big brand for only 5 euros

lidl clearly known as the king of good food at low prices. However, its shelves are full of other great gifts. Of course, the stores now in France are always offering knock-offs on household appliances or anything directly or indirectly related to your home. But now, lidl take a new job. Because in the coming days, you can find the same thing as a great perfume for a ridiculous price. Object explain everything to you.

lidl : a perfume similar in every way to a perfume sold for a few euros

It’s a real circuit

It belongs to the public year now, lidl its customers are used to using low prices. Also, the result Telephonethe gift was given to the gift » best chain store of the year 2020 . It is a guarantee that quality must be obtained at low prices. In different seasons, lidl therefore offering special offers on food and other products. These days, the ads are about everything you need for the garden, for making a barbecue and for decorating your terrace.

In recent months, lidl he also offered new electronics that cost two to three times more than the competition. Everyone clearly remembers the buzz created by a multifunction robot that resulted in real queues at the door of shops. At the top of the tables, so the prizes are fixed and on top of everything else. But today, lidl go further.

A smell of sales

In the end, lidl has now decided to launch fine fragrances. But in his view, there is no question of a chain of stores offering prohibitive prices. And of course, that should be the best. Thanks for a genuine review, lidl so the right idea is known and above all the right partner to make it happen. On the record instagram @parfum-Italia, great news has dropped. So, if you like soft perfumes, high quality perfumes with strong fragrances, this eau de toilette is sold by lidl is it done for you.

From now on, you can find it in the cosmetics industry of lidl toilet water Ghibellini. If this name is not familiar to you, its smell will be familiar to you. Because it is a product that involves many numbers (doesn’t say everything) to his most famous cousin. It is the perfume. one million signed by Paco Rabbi. Of course, the question everyone is asking right now is what is the price of this little treasure? As a surprise, your receipt will show an amount of 5 euros. So, how? lidl Can he pull off this real adventure? Object raise the veil on this mystery.

An opportunity not to be missed

Do you understand this sentence? “The bottle doesn’t matter when you’re drunk”, he said lidl just ask. Usually, the price of a perfume does not match its content. Of course, its packaging, where it is sold or large advertising campaigns around the product will quickly increase its price. lidl therefore decided to release all its levels. Of course, this eau de toilette, like its competitors, is more subtle in terms of wear. Without embellishment, the perfumers focused on the fragrance itself without wanting to look at you on the bag. However, it is kept in the bottle to preserve some beauty.

But now you know why lidl manage to sell a perfume with different types with a big sign for only 5 euros. Since then, Object I have only one piece of advice to give you. If you want to take advantage of this offer, hurry to the store lidl very close to you. Because if there are many stocks now, the chaos in the cosmetics industry is not far away. As we always say, first come, first served. Also, at this price, it’s pure madness to deprive yourself. For those who are a little skeptical, it seems that trying this perfume is being used. Finally, you know exactly what to do.

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