Guess Uomo by Guess eau de toilette ad

Guess releases its new men’s fragrance called “Uomo”. An eau de toilette for men who like challenges and are part of the “game”. The music from the commercial is the title “Edison” by Soul Shifters.

Guess Uomo is the new fragrance for men

Guess Uomo, the new eau de parfum from the American brand, is a fragrance made for fearless men. He shows the matador in them and leaves a heady and irresistible scent in his wake. The scent of virility and men who want to live their lives with passion and without limits. Uomo by Guess a scent for the men who live now, the free and independent. It is an eau de toilette that demands courage, a desire for seduction and passion.

The new Guess Uomo fragrance honors men. It is characterized by a light amber scent, pleasant and refreshing. It shows notes of cardamom, lavender and orange. Then we smell sage, geranium and saffron that fade to give way to woody notes, benzoin and amber.

Advertisement for Guess Uomo eau de toilette

The commercial for the new Guess Uomo eau de parfum was shot in Las Vegas. In fact, at the beginning of the movie, we see the beautiful scenery of Caesar’s Palace and the interior of the Beijing Cuisine restaurant Mr Chow. The black-and-white film creates an atmosphere reminiscent of the 1950s. We see two young men hanging out in a hotel parking garage. They add to their group of friends.

The young men, the most handsome ones, were dressed in trimmed white robes. They create a happy and focused team. The campaign continues by revealing the bottle of the new Guess Uomo eau de parfum. One of the young men dressed in white strikes a pose, hat in hand to reveal the perfume for the last time.

Who are the models in the Guess Uomo campaign?

To present its new eau de parfum, Guess chose 3 ambassadors in its campaign. They are models Mattia Narducci, Stefano Sala and Alex Deliisola.

Mattia Narducci a model of the Italian nation. At the age of 25, he already walked for big brands and made the cover of fashion magazines.

Stefano Sala is an Italian model, musician and actress. He has posed for brands such as Armani, Morellato and Cleofe Finati. He made an appearance on Big Brother VIP a reality TV show that made him famous in 2018.

Alex Dellisola an Italian model from Naples. He started in skateboarding, his true passion, before winning podiums. He went for Armani, Guess or Ermanno Scervino.

What is the music of the Guess Uomo men’s ad?

To introduce us to its new eau de parfum “Uomo”, Guess chose music “Edison” o Spiritual change. The title is taken from the album “Shakedown” released in 2020. We do not have a video of the title, but it is possible to listen to it on Spotify.

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