Global trade in fake perfumes and leather goods busted, 12 arrested

The criminals make a lot of perfumes and therefore “they can place orders for 250,000 euros at a time”, said a police source.

An investigation into the international trade in fake perfumes and leather goods led to the arrest this week of 12 people, including in Loiret, and five of them were jailed. AFP learned on Thursday October 8 from a source.

In the spring, researchers saw ads on Facebook and Marketplace “those in Orléans offering perfumes from all major brands produced in 33 ml“, explained to AFP a police source from the Specialized Interregional Jurisdiction (JIRS), which dealt with organized crime. The investigation showed that the criminals were doing this “big business», not less than a hundred perfume bottles from big brands, such as Chanel N°5, J’adore by Dior or La petite robe noire (Guerlain) will be sold. .

Warehouses, where goods were stored, were found in Aubervilliers, Saint-Ouen and Clichy, in Seine-Saint-Denis, with goods brought from Turkey and Bulgaria, by truck and box perhaps. “They made these perfumes in great quantities because they could make orders of 250,000 euros at a time.“, said the police, pointing out that the products were sold in French locations.

More than 100,000 counterfeit coins have been identified

Twelve arrests were made this week in Loiret, in the Paris region and in the Clermont-Ferrand region. Five people have been remanded in custody and four have been placed under police custody, with indictments on charges of fraud in an organized organization and fraud. compensation, according to the same principle.

All searches in the boxes revealed more than 100,000 fake pieces,”perfumes in large quantities but also clothes such as football shirts and leather goods, such as Louis Vuitton bags, for a new value estimated at 1.8 million euros by customs services.“.

The trial was filed under the Orleans prosecutor’s office and then a trial judge from the Orleans court.

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